Marketing Animation Video: Types and Examples

How to use animated videos for marketing? The options are various: you can post them on social media, on your landing page, send them via emails. The purposes of using them may be different: from telling about your business to selling products or services with the help of videos.

Marketing Animation Video: Types and Examples 20
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According to the latest study, 28% of companies noticed that videos help build awareness, and 24% explained the benefits of products and services. For 18% of businesses, videos helped to increase sales. Also, 18% got more traffic by using videos in their marketing strategies.

For 49% of companies, videos serve as a tool to engage their audience. 52% confess that video helped build trust with prospective clients.

The numbers prove that a marketing animation video is a strong tool for attracting new clients and connecting with the existing ones. But what types of animated videos are best for marketing purposes? In this article, we are going to answer this question!

What is a Marketing Animation Video

Animated marketing video always has certain marketing metrics like brand awareness, conversion rate, customer engagement, ROI, marketing spend per customer, customer retention, customer acquisition cost. 

In 2021, for 93% of marketers, videos are an important part of the marketing strategy. Every year this number is growing: in 2020 it was 92%, in 2019 – 91%, in 2018 – 85%, in 2017 – 82%.

Currently, 86% of businesses use videos in their marketing. This number will keep growing, as well as the popularity of videos.

5 Types of Animated Videos

The numbers prove the benefits of animation. But what are the types of animated marketing videos for businesses that really work?

Video content is diverse: educational videos, brand films, documentaries, tutorials, product videos, company culture videos, testimonial videos, videos for internal communication, and many others. Not all of them are suitable for marketing purposes, but there are five that will help you make the most out of video marketing strategy. 

They have the same features: 

  • digital marketing animated video should have a clear structure
  • they solve client’s problems by demonstrating the benefits of the product or service
  • they must have a clear CTA

Explainer Video

An explainer video is the best option if you don’t know where to start with your video content. It will help you present the benefits of your product, explain to customers why they should use it, and demonstrate how they can solve their problems by becoming your clients.

Explainer videos are used by different industries, from retail to fintech. Depending on the preferences of the company, these videos can be of the following basic types according to the animation used:

  • 2D explainer video
  • 3D explainer video
  • stop-motion videos (including clay and cut-out videos)

You can use an explainer video on different stages of the customer journey: from awareness to advocacy.

Thought Leadership Video

Among video marketing animated videos, thought leadership videos are used on the stage of retention and advocacy. They help to build the relations with clients that you want: customers become brand advocates.

Thought leadership video can be of different types:

  • keynote speeches of the opinion leaders
  • webinars for your customers
  • interviews with experts

Thought leadership videos help to prove your expertise in the industry. For example, if you are working in the healthcare industry, you can create video interviews with doctors or host webinars dedicated to some healthcare topics.

Customer Testimonial

For 95% of customers, testimonials help to make a purchase decision. So what happens when you add a testimonial video to your website? You double up the sales!

To make testimonial videos more attractive to your clients, try animated marketing videos. For example, you can add animated typography or 2D elements. In this way, testimonials will look more attractive to the user.

Case Study Video

What types of animated videos for marketing are better for service promotion? It is definitely a case study. 

Case studies help to demonstrate how exactly your service helps to deal with the problem and what result it brings. You can create an animation or live-action video: it all depends on what aspects of your service you want to show.

How-to Videos

Want to educate your users with videos? How-tos is what you need. You can create as many how-tos as you need depending on your video marketing plan.

For example, you can create a series of videos on how to use your services or product or how-tos on how customers can use the benefits of using your product in real life. People love how-tos, and they can enhance your video strategy.

Top 10 Animated Marketing Videos of 2021

Many businesses have already integrated animated videos into their communication. We’ve collected the ten best examples that will inspire you for experiments.


How to use 2D animation in videos? Intercom demonstrates it perfectly. In this 2-minute video, we can see how a serious business uses animation to explain its services. 

However, 2D animation is not the only technique used in this video. We can also see here the screencast and logo animation. The narration is easy to follow, as the images are supported with voiceover.


Zendesk has a great video marketing strategy: they regularly release different videos and have over 18 thousand subscribers on Youtube. It is quite an impressive number of companies that provide software to their clients.

In this marketing video, Zendesk promotes a new design and explains why they decided to change it.


Figma uses animation to create a video tutorial on how to use their services. In a 4-minute length video, they answer all questions that customers may have. Generally speaking, they provide a comprehensive how-to guide that people can use at the stage of consideration.


Starbucks video is a great example of 2D explainer animation video. Here, the narration is concentrated on answering the question: why Starbucks blends coffee. The result is amazing: 49-second video can be used on any stage of the customer journey.


Do you have any idea how to combine the celebration of New Year, sheep, and product features? Bosch does. In this iconic animated video, the brand uses creativity as the foundation for the explainer video. The result is impressive: you can hardly quit a video till you watch it till the end! 


Animated videos help to find a new approach to presenting a problem to your customers. You don’t need to be dramatic; you can be funny. Check out this Getresponse video to see how humor works for explainer videos.

Dubai Association Centre

When we create animated marketing videos for business, we always remember: 3D animation can help it stand out among all the rest videos. Animation brings communication to a new level, even in complicated industries.


It is an example of a simple yet effective approach to animated marketing videos. Only 1 minute – and you know everything you need about the product.


In this how-to video, eFax answers the most frequently asked question: how to fax from a printer. We are sure that this video helped to reduce the number of requests to the contact center. It is a great example of how a video can improve your team’s productivity and automate processes (in this case, answering the question).


Duolingo is a genius of animated marketing strategy. In this particular video, you will see how the company promotes a virtual conference. We’re sure this approach is more effective than sending invitations to the email.

Why use videos?

Using videos in your marketing strategy can improve various marketing metrics, including conversion rate, brand recognition, and even sales. However, to reach the desired effect, the quality of the video must be high, the idea must be clear, and the visuals must be attractive.

Explain.Ninja will help you create any marketing video you need: explainer, how-to, case study, or anything else. Our team of artists will create perfect visuals for your video, voice artists record the perfect voice-over, and scriptwriters develop a script that will perfectly demonstrate your company’s benefits.

We will be happy to help you with any video. Just give us a call, and let’s start the production!

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