5 Reasons To Use An Animated Explainer Video To Pitch Your Services

As you might already know it from our previous articles, a video has become one of the most effective marketing and sales presentation mediums available for businesses today. Video marketing is recognized as the most efficient marketing practice in 2022. As the popularity of a video is growing, the importance of adjusting your business content to the needs of your audience is increasing too. Would you like to learn how explainer video can help your business in the digital era? Here Explain Ninja team will share a few thoughts about it.

An Explainer Video Is Concise 

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It’s probably one of the biggest advantages of explainer videos. Time is particularly significant value in the modern, fast-paced world. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to transfer their messages to the audience quickly. An explainer video is a perfect medium. Within several minutes, you can show off your product features and benefits. 

If you’re a B2B company, an explainer video can be an especially helpful tool for you. Business people like when all the critical information about a product or service they are going to purchase is delivered in the shortest and most concise form possible. They are very busy, and every minute counts for them. So, if you leverage an animated explainer video to introduce your offering, you will also gain customer loyalty and appreciation for the fact that you’ve taken only a few minutes to bring your message to a potential client.

It Is Cost-Effective

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Many businesses are used to think that animated video production is extremely expensive. However, we’re going to contradict it now. As many technologies are developing, video production is becoming more affordable too. Once investing in an animated video, you can use it for a longer time than any other type of content because it’s a more entertaining and unobtrusive way to pitch your products or services. So, you can be sure that your audience will enjoy it and won’t be psychologically exhausted by it. Additionally, a video is much more engaging, and it can convert more sales and sign-ups.

Modern video technology has developed to the point that it has become a cost-effective marketing practice and a well-grounded investment for almost any business across different industries and verticals.

An Explainer Video Shows A Problem and a Solution

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You can show a chain of causality from a problem to its solution in an explainer video. It helps you describe your products or services step by step. You can start with formulating your customer core problems and show how your product’s features or functions help solve them. This peculiarity is essential for increasing conversions for your business.

You can try to deliver the same structure of information in a written, audio, or any other content type. However, an animated explainer video is more effective since it combines two types of interaction with the human psyche and perception – visual and audio. It allows transferring a marketing message more efficiently and concisely. 

It Helps Reveal Your Brand Personality

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Today, many forward-thinking companies invest in producing branded content. Your next animated explainer video can be part of it. A branded video will help you express your company’s unique style, character, and mood. In other words, a video is a great tool to reinforce your brand voice and raise brand awareness in the digital world. 

To emphasize your brand identity in a video, you can use branded colors in the illustrations, leverage the company’s motos right in the script, and even use a “voiceover” that best reflects your brand’s mood and personality. A branded explainer video seems to be the best way to stick to the customer’s memory and engage your target audience today.

It Can Be Used for Different Marketing Goals

A video is a very versatile type of content. Investing in an animated video, you will ensure creating a great piece of extra-engaging and eye-catching content for your different marketing channels. From animated commercials, animated video ads, and social media content to using a background video on your website to utilizing it as a sales pitch – there are plenty of ways you can use an animated explainer video in your marketing to increase audience engagement, evoke interest in a brand, and grow customer loyalty.


Here are the five most significant reasons why your business needs an animated explainer video today. You can add a lot to your marketing by uncovering the power of video marketing and animation, in particular. The video will help you set a more personal connection with your audience and create an excellent ground for future long-term relationships with your customers. Explain Ninja is happy to share these insights with you and we hope you will get inspired to give a fresh update to your marketing with video marketing

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