Why Marketers Prefer Motion Graphics Explainer Videos over Other Styles

Marketers often prefer motion graphics videos over real-human and other styles, and that’s true. Depending on the context and purpose, a motion graphics explainer video may be a real universal way to engage and convert. Such explainer videos have many reasonable benefits and your only duty is to use them to the utmost.

Why Marketers Prefer Motion Graphics Explainer Videos over Other Styles 20
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Top Reasons Why Motion Graphics Explainer Video Rules

Firstly, it is more convenient to depict and compare complex notions via motion graphics explainer videos rather than reading an article or other content types. Having a short colorful video will be more informative and effective than any other media.

Secondly, it’s attractive & engaging. Your users will stay longer on your website if you have a video there. And it’s not just about staying longer on the page. They will remember you and get back to you regularly.

Video is more accessible than text. For some categories of viewers, this is especially true.

Besides, numerous surveys show that viewers are more likely to become customers after watching a video rather than interacting with other content styles.

There are a few more reasons why use and make your video come alive. So, first, understand who your target audience is. It is important to know whose attention you want to attract. Add motion graphics there to meet the target, as well as your business goals.

It’s short which is an ultimate benefit. Without going into details, the video conveys much information and saves the viewers time. People still won’t be able to remember the too-long video and interact with it in your business favor.

It may easily use a sequence of events and visual elements. They are attention-grabbing, same short, and impressive. You may also release a series of animated videos for good.

Making videos in your own style is limitless. Unleash your fantasy. Let it become alive in your video. It should fully describe your product/company/service in the meantime.

If you have someone else or some company made the video for you, you may brand your videos after producing the video. You can make videos online and for free with great tools and then load them on your website or order a professional explainer video production and distribution services.

Finally, in the context of building user interfaces, motion adds greater usability by creating interactivity, and outcome expectations and providing experiential continuity, which leads users to their immediately desired goals. Motion design principles may inform users of interaction possibilities and aid them better to find important data. The same’s for applying animated logos.

Things to Consider for Awesome Video Production

Motion graphics explainer video company production process will be based on several criteria you’d better consider before you think of an ideal motion graphics for your business video.

Who is your target audience?

If you want to appeal to a younger audience, an animated video is your best choice (although it also appeals to a wider audience). Live-action videos are good too, but for a certain type of audience.

What’s your budget?

Budget applies to everything here, but the rule of thumb is that a professionally made live video will cost you much more than an animated one. However, if you want to do it cheap (super cheap, for example), live video can be created with a smartphone (and no other tools). Creativity is the key here.

When will you need it?

A professionally made live video will require you to spend time preparing for both pre-production and post-production. Planning everything properly in advance ensures a successful shoot, which in turn gives you the best video. Animated video, if done right, only needs about 3-5 weeks to create motion graphic video production asap.

To Wrap It Up

As the leading motion graphics agency & animation design company, we know that the only way to get more customers is via beautifully made video explainers and marketing solutions that are tailored to produce results for your customers. That’s why we work hard to make sure you can see the value you get for every cent you spend and to pass on your good work to others who may be looking for your business services. When you are looking for an animated explainer video that is cost-effective, custom-made for your business and brings you profit, check out our works.

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