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Since the products on the market are extremely diverse in their characteristics, purpose, scope, and needs they are aimed to satisfy, the branding methodology used for their branding may also be completely different. The most obvious differences are between innovative branding and other branding types.

Branding Process Explained: Guide for 2024 | Explain NInja 20

What is Branding Methodology?

So, when you choose the brand video production for the product, you define the branding type and align the branding methodology for the flawless branding process.

The branding methodology will be your systematic approach applied in order to create, communicate and strengthen a company’s brand via appropriate positioning, identity, brand design and types.

It consists of several sequential steps. They may vary depending on the project, who is implementing the process there, and the specific takeout an organization is trying to achieve in the end.

For example, you may try a brand name testing methodology to present your target audience with several name options and ask them to provide feedback on each to choose the one that is the most understandable to them and caters to your brand message to the utmost. The same’s with logos. You create several animated logos and check which one drives.

When do you need the branding process?

Quality branding is a necessary step in growing your company because there may appear the most common situations that require the entire branding process to be implemented. They may include: repositioning a company to compete with a new set of competitors, redesigning new features, the launch of a new product, and so much more. There may be also website refreshments needed like adding animated design, banners, motion graphic elements or buttons, etc.

What are the Stages of the Branding Process?

What are the stages of the branding process? The brand process is usually built around seven basic phases that may be included: 

  • brand team development,
  • business analysis,
  • audience analysis,
  • brand positioning,
  • creative and messaging development,
  • implementation,
  • maintenance and measurement.

branding video building may contain the same phases and is widely used to introduce your brand to your viewers and convince them that your company is worth their time. It tells your brand story.

Here are also the 5 most crucial phases of the brand design for your consideration.

Why is the branding process important?

You cannot possibly create a great product or service and launch to the market without good branding because it helps your most sophisticated users know what to expect from your brand by making your products visible, available, and easy to choose. Brands provide users with clear reasons why to choose their products or services and stay. Your branding helps the company to communicate a clear brand message and promise. It actually constantly delivers this promise over some time and is more likely to build a solid number of loyal customers as it passes over.

Thus, your brand ideas, whether it’s animation, eye-catching quality explainer videos, or any other meaningful and memorable content or brand elements, may foster greater brand awareness and recognition and form a bond between the users. Over time, this very relationship is more likely to grow into one of trust. The branding methods you use to act as the catalysts by which you make your users understand, purchase, and eventually rely on a particular company or its product or features.

How long does it take?

Building your brand, picking the proper methods and all the rest work may be quite a long race. Simply because every business has its peculiarities and the needs are diverse, starting from the animated logo design and visual identity to the page animation or creative buttons, which are also a part of the branding process, the whole process may take 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Website brandings may take several months to complete, so allocating 2 to 5 months for a website motion design or development is expected. Larger, more complex websites and the video production from them may even take 5 to 8 months or more. So, take your time from A to Z to set your goals and make it right.


Thus, the correct brand methodology will help you create a positive image of the company, its distribution, and its effects on the users’ minds. In simple terms, it will help to explain the diversity of your product or service’s characteristics, purpose, and scope and satisfy the users’ needs in them. The branding methodology you apply may also be completely different depending on your project, its peculiarities, audience needs, etc. A brand is a trademark of a company and its name, so make sure you approach it seriously and hire the best branding design team ever.

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