The 5 Most Impressive Startup Explainer Video Examples

Here we share our startup company video. Five most favorite examples of startup explainer videos are hoped to bring some inspiration to you!

The 5 Most Impressive Startup Explainer Video Examples 20
Illustration by Lily for Explain Ninja

Are you a startup looking for funding, or you have just received it, and you’re now seeking the audience’s attention? Whether you’re at a seed or pre-seed stage, an animated startup video can serve you greatly! Animated videos can help companies explain the essence of their products and demonstrate how they can solve customer problems in an easy-to-understand and playful form. Moreover, animation brings additional satisfaction to the viewer and raises their mood since it usually looks like a fun and engaging cartoon.

So, are you going to create an animated explainer video for your startup? You may need some inspiration before you start. In this article, we are reviewing the top 5 explainer videos for startups that we find really interesting and worth your attention. 


Uber is an American multinational company that can provide you with a quick car ride to any destination at any time. You just need to make a few taps in a mobile app, and a driver comes to your location, picks you up, and takes you where you need. Traveling in the city is simple, like 1, 2, 3 when you use Uber. The animated explainer video below perfectly communicates this idea. Eye-catching yet straightforward animation helps present the message visually and makes it more digestible for the viewers. We like these video examples due to its simplicity and clearness. It mentions the consumer problem and offers a great solution to it. 


GrabCAD is a digital tool that allows you to save a lot of time by directly printing CAD files without converting and fixing STL files first. It’s a time-saving solution that allows the user to preview a 3D model and make the necessary changes before printing it. We find this animation one of the best and most compelling startup explainer video examples and definitely recommend watching it for your inspiration. In the video, you can see how it can be easy for you to collaborate on the 3D project and print it from your phone anywhere and anytime. This animated video features an excellent style that looks like a hand-drawn illustration. The story immerses us in the processes, benefits, and opportunities associated with this software solution. 


Recommind is a startup company that helps businesses manage their data more consistently. It allows you to manage different types of data, from social media to emails and presentations. This system also enables transforming data into actionable insights. This explainer video for a startup demonstrates the importance of big data and also the opportunities that it holds for us. Recommind allows businesses to crystalize the strategy and tactic based on the great reporting and data visualization features of its system. The video includes simple but very narrative illustrations and professional animation. It describes the problem and solution very clearly, leaving no space for any misconceptions about their product. You can enjoy the video below.


Cree is a great manufacturer of LED lighting and semiconductor solutions for wireless and power applications. An animated video for Cree tells us a story of lighting and how it improves different aspects of life. In the video, Cree identifies itself as a provider of a better way to light. The marketing explainer deploys around this idea throughout an entire story. It shows us how the world, cities, communities and homes can benefit from better lighting. The video features amazing animation and engaging characters that immerse the viewers into the story even more. Here we also learn that thanks to Cree lighting opportunities, many cities have already improved their safety and energy savings by around 70 percent. The explainer animated video for Cree is here. 


PerkinElmer is a company that specializes in business friends related to public and environmental health. The startup created an animated commercial that explains its solution in an engaging and extraordinary way. Although they used a very simple illustration style, it does its work great and communicates the main idea very narratively. PerkinElmer’s solutions for clinical trials and operations are amazingly described in the video below.


In this article, we have considered the five our most favorite explainer videos for startups & other explainer video examples. Animated videos can become a great asset for a company that aims to stand out on the market with memorable marketing, explain its products and services creatively, and drive the audience’s interest in the brand itself. Explainer videos have already helped many entrepreneurs boost their startups and earn customer loyalty. We hope that these startup video examples have brought some inspiration to you!

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