How to Create Stunning Sales Videos that Speak up for Your Business Ideas

97% of video marketers report that video increase user understanding of a product or service, and 76% report video help them increase sales. Moreover, 56% of users believe that a company should have video content on the website. So, if you create a video for sales, including a video on your website landing page, it may increase conversions by more than 80%!

How to Create Stunning Sales Videos that Speak up for Your Business Ideas 20
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Why do we need to create a sales video?

You create a sales video to showcase your product with it. If back in 2021, Cisco predicted that video content would account for more than 80% of all Internet traffic. Judging by the fact that the growth in popularity of video continues today, the forecast was accurate. Therefore, it is highly advised for every business to have a video marketing strategy that includes the production of quality sales video explainers.

Today, a video may provide you with the most effective way to create a story and evoke a variety of emotions for wide-ranging topics and multiple business purposes.

Videos are a great way to take some complicated messaging and simplify it in a way that your team may understand, memorize, and accurately/consistently explain it to prospects and clients, etc. Sales video will be a separate offshoot of video marketing, where the product sales process is placed at the head of the message. The whole story revolves around a specific product and the goal to successfully sell it to the audience.

How you create an effective sales video?

If you decide to produce a sales video for your business, create video sales in 3 simple steps that save your time and effort:

Grab Prospects’ Attention

Prior to diving deep into your audience needs and grabbing potential prospects’ attention, it’s wise to breathe some life into your value proposition if you’re having a business and break through inboxes to search for valuable prospects there and take a perfect time for your follow-ups. If you’re making a startup, and start from the blank page, get to analytics and the opportunities to grab your audience’s attention from scratch. Unlikely you’ll have someone on your mailbox to dwell on and ask about their preferences, or how to engage them better, etc.

Move Deals Forward to Close

The point is that sales reps must achieve three significant factors before a lead is qualified to be an opportunity for a deal to move forward. Your video must contain an immediate value to help them. That’s first. It must grab the attention of some creatives, and, finally, make the users make the decision-making process easier. So, here you should focus on making unforgettable sales videos and follow-ups to assist your sales process, not aggravate it.

Grow and Retain Customers

The major task is to keep going when you’re already through with the preliminary routine and the process is set well. It’s easier to retain an existing customer rather than search for new ones to attract. So, make your videos universal for the viewer to be useful and guarantee sales having it both ways.

What are the types of selling videos exist?

There are many types of videos applicable for sales because when we refer to the sales videos we mean 1:1 videos intended to aid in the sales process. These videos may be sent from a salesperson to their prospects, stakeholders, or new client to create a bond, simplify complex data, build rapport, etc.  Nevertheless, here are the most engaging product videos you may apply anyway:

Each of the types may be adjusted to your project and used for sales purposes in no time. In any experience, no matter the type of selling your sales team is engaged in – transaction, relationship, solution or partnership, etc. you will be able to deliver your message to the audience in a laconic and clear way.

What thing you have to avoid in creation sales video?

While making sales videos there are always common mistakes to avoid. Here are the most essential of them. Try to focus on them to avoid in your next product sales video. DO NOT:

  • Make the message all about your business,
  • Go in for hard sales,
  • Include zero CTA / Too many CTAs,
  • Use awful body language,
  • Make it too long,
  • Record videos in an unprofessional space,
  • Work without a nice video script,
  • Have zero personalization.

Instead, focus on the problem (and the solution) or one key feature at a time. Keep it short and sweet, providing market information and value. Find an interesting angle. Include a clear CTA. If possible – turn it into a series.


So, videos let you establish authority and a more personal feel to share your message. You will be far more likely to connect on an emotional level with your people if you use video versus another company content type.

And mind that video is time. Come up with video ideas and write down a great script. After you analyze your audience’s needs and pain points, it will be easier to persuade it to watch your explainer video for sales. And video is money because today you cannot just shoot a good video on your phone. But adding effects, music, and editing may require special skills, buying a program, or looking for specialists. Feel free to find them here or ask for any other help.

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