7 Creative Website Design Ideas for a Startup

Though it’s hard to predict which creative website ideas will be the best and will bring your startup a profit from the start, at least you need to decide what distinguishes your business from the others with the help of a great website: brand identity, content, strategy, prices (if it is an online store), design, etc. As a rule, a project created to solve a specific problem or fill in a gap in the market is more likely to succeed. But not without an awesomely designed website, for sure.

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What is website design?

There are many website design ideas you may find everywhere. For choosing the right one, all you need to understand is what great website design is.

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the highly functional user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. So, mind that while picking ideas for your business website design inspiration. Besides, feel free to get some fresh ideas to choose from the list below:

1.     Duds case

The latest case for Duds, made by the team will be a tremendous inspiring power for those who are engaged in the digital fashion or similar industry:

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2.     Couple’s Wedding Website

Quite an unusual market to enter – the wedding industry is a rare thing to find on the web, but if you do – it must be something special like this one, created by the team in no time.

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Another awesome web design inspiration

3.     Jewellery Store

If you deal with the beauty and luxury product segment, you are welcome to view some jewelry design ideas to implement in your store design:

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A Good Design Example

4.     Animation for Smart Banking Widgets

Apply a new animation for the smart banking app, which helps keep all the financial stuff in one place and keep track of all the fund activity as your compass for creating your own fintech startup website and mobile app.

5.     E-learning Platform Design

What about e-learning? That’s quite a popular niche nowadays with some food for thought for those who want to try themselves out in the realm of online education, training, etc. Here’re web design ideas:

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Attract your audience with great designs

6.     Meditation Mobile App

Today, there are many extraordinary non-traditional ideas on web design, apps, and business. One such is products for retreats, meditation, yoga, antidepression, antistress and relax, etc.

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If you have the guts to enter the market and create a company dealing with the most delicate human needs,  a mobile app that helps to calm the nervous system will be a great idea for inspiration.  It contains curated playlists for different types of meditation. In addition, you can play focus sounds to be productive at work, or play soothing sounds to help you fall asleep. Enjoy it!

7.     Project Management Dashboard

Project management is quite a prospective niche, especially among the IT sharks and not only. However, there are many advanced tools on the market, and you will have to stand out with higher functionality, great UX/UI, and convenient integration options.


Though the debate over creativity in web design for startups never ends, creative website ideas will do to make final desicions. The ideal interface should not have anything unusual, only essentials. Creative approach to creating digital products & designing a website or application layout can be compared to painting a picture or creating a sculpture. In all cases, skills, accumulated experience and creativity are involved. Find them with Explain Ninja in no time.

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