How to Make Video Explainers for Luxury Products

Branding of a luxury product, especially with the help of the motion design or animated explainer video production, is a separate, exciting topic. Some rules do not work here, and you may need some help to make an extraordinary brand explainer video

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Why it’s hard in the luxury segment?

Even the greatest branding and marketing gurus here will say that the luxury segment is hard to promote because you promote not a brand but a part of the lifestyle. That is why in reality, marketing here does not answer the question of what or how exactly the user behaves or makes decisions in the market for luxury items.

Why can a car be luxurious, and the washing powder – no? After all, even an antique spoon can be a status subject for your next luxury explainer video. A bottle of collection wine can cost tens of thousands of dollars and pass for a luxury good, as well.  Hence, the luxury segment and the brands in it appear to be really weird to position and promote for good.  And that’s where you may apply all your creativity and the lap of imagination to produce the video of all times.

How to succeed in making videos for a luxury product?

So, if you’re ready to start a video production process for your luxury product, here are some tips to consider for better results and an overall understanding of the niche specifics.

1)    Concentrate on authenticity

A Survey of more than 1.9 thousand buyers of various luxury goods (watches, perfume, designer furniture, or even a digital product for the luxury segment) proved why luxury brands are better able to express their ethical position through their authenticity. Being genuine is a must. So, if you’re going to create a video, the best way to represent the product is to show its authenticity among the variety of similar products if any. 

2)    Mind the demonstration

The first factor that determines whether the product has become expensive is the factor of demonstration. The key concept here is the inability to hide consumption or possession. All objects of possession, the consumption of which cannot be hidden, are identifying symbols that people perceive so that to relate to a certain level of imaginary social hierarchy. Bold and posing videos here will be a great tool to express the brand and trigger the urge of possession within the target audience.

3)    Hierarchy also counts

It is necessary to understand and accept that each person, by nature, is a social animal. At the same time, our life is complicated and differs from that life in a flock, in which everything is straightforward and the hierarchy is visible. And a modern person is more likely to chase that place in the imaginary hierarchy constantly. And in the same way, they seek to occupy as higher levels as possible in this hierarchy. And all with the help of using luxury products. You promote the brand subtly and imprint it into their lifestyles by showing an exclusive place for the viewers to fit in, and all due to this or that product.

4)    Cause pleasure

Celebrating life full of pleasure is another aspect of luxuries. Hence, another factor that affects whether the product can be elite is the ability to be associated with happiness, freedom, and vanity, or other attributes of the so-called idle existence. The rich are always free to do what they want and live their lives to the fullest and thus be happy and take more pleasure. Your video piece should be all about that. The more it is intended for enjoyment, the bigger the product it promotes has a chance to become a luxury one for good.

5)    Ecology focus is a way

The study shows that customers can perceive environmentally friendly luxury goods as less status and less beneficial in terms of social hierarchy, but more attractive than non-ecological luxury goods in the long perspective. Finally, the focus on ecology will prevent luxury brands from differentiation from mass brands that began to be stable even earlier and make the hype.

So, the psychological approach and behavioral analysis of your target is a key to understanding how to settle your video production and create excellent videos even for the most controversial and irrational niche like a luxury. In case you have difficulties with that, feel free to contact our experts – they have much experience to share on multiple complex video design projects. 


So, many products and services can be adjusted so that to be a part of the status, elite, or luxury. There are many characteristics of the products that fit into such a group. It’s tough to promote luxury product brands because of the extreme subjectiveness of their perception by the user, and the question of what or how exactly the user behaves or makes decisions in the market for luxury items remains.

 Nevertheless, when you understand some peculiarities and apply the tips accordingly, even without rational arguments. In that case, you can manage, manipulate or inspire users to use such, which allows you to create and display your luxury products or brands to the market via incredible explainer videos.

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