Types of Animated Sales Videos You Can Use to Boost Conversions

In this article, we’re outlining the most popular types of sales videos that can help your company increase conversions and acquire new customers in the digital world. 

Have you already heard about a fantastic marketing super-power of animated videos for business? Yes, they are a highly effective means of engagement, awareness, and conversions when it comes to brand management. There are different ways to use an animated explainer video to bring value to a business. To make the most of a branded video content, you should be aware of the primary types of animated sales videos and apply them to address your company’s objectives and boost conversions. Let’s talk a brief look at them!

Q&A videos

Q&A videos are a perfect option if you need to tell your product in detail and break its offering down into straightforward explanations. It’s a format that allows you to answer all the FAQs about your products or services and introduce them in the most easy-to-understand form. This kind of explanatory videos helps consider all aspects of your product and show that it’s a perfect match for your potential buyers. On the other hand, it allows customers to determine whether a product can satisfy their initial queries quickly. 

Employee bio videos

Are you looking for ways to build trust with your customers? A great practice is creating a set of employee bio videos. Tell customers about the roles of the employees in your business. This simple yet engaging video can help you familiarize your target audience with your brand personality and create more personal relationships. What about making them animated? Just imagine that your brand story is told in an original and stylish cartoon format. Introduce your team that’s working on creating your products in a fun and unique way.

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Illustration by Mari Seroshtanova for Explain Ninja

Product/service page videos

There is no probably better way to promote your product or service than to do it in an animated explainer video for business. You can describe and showcase your product features, demonstrate its details and invisible (or hidden) components. In an animated product demo, you can show how your product functions, what outcomes it brings, and how it can help your customers solve their problems. You can use this type of product videos at trade shows, presentations, pitches to investors, landing pages, and even advertising.

Landing page videos

Animated videos for landing pages can be about a brand itself, its products/services, team, or your internal manufacturing processes. They take a corporate website visitor into a journey thought out your company and its life. Moreover, you can use these videos on product landing pages to re-ensure customers to complete a purchase or share their data. Haven’t yet tried them? You might be surprised to see how your conversions may grow when you add an engaging video on your website background or include it in your site content.

Cost videos

Animated videos can explain not only product details or service offerings but also your company’s prices. Today’s customers don’t like reading too much; most of them prefer watching videos instead. That’s why YouTube has probably become so popular and is even named “the second search engine after Google.” You can create a short animated video rapidly and briefly telling about your price list.

Types of Animated Sales Videos You Can Use to Boost Conversions 22

Illustration by Mari Seroshtanova for Explain Ninja

Testimonial videos

One of the most effective ways to convince people to make a purchase is a testimonial video. Video-testimonials are videos with feedback from previous customers. In fact, 9 of 10 customers would rather trust what old customers say about the company than what a business says about itself. This type of video will add more credibility and value to your company and prove once again that it’s worth attention.

Value proposition videos

It’s better once to see than many times to hear or read about something. If you want to improve the company’s image and introduce your brand’s value proposition, then an animated explainer video may appear the best form for it. Value proposition videos can perfectly complement your sales pitch.


There are plenty of ways to use an animation and video format to boost your conversions in the digital age. In this article, we have outlined only the most important of them. At Explain Ninja, we hope that this brief overview will be helpful for you and inspired to use a video in your sales and marketing strategy. 

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