8 Actionable Explainer Video Marketing Tips

If you know and understand your target audience, you can produce a truly engaging animated video. Your customers will no be able to take their eyes off such a video-content. It can grow customer loyalty, attract the attention of prospects, and increase conversions. 

To achieve the most prominent results with your explainer video, you should target it to the right audience and publish it in the right places. In other words, you need a great explainer video marketing strategy. Here we will consider the eight most actionable marketing tips that will help you promote your explainer video and bring plenty of benefits to your business.

1. Post an Explainer Video on Your Website

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The first place to publish your explainer video is a website. Visitors would be happy to watch a short video about your company and its products or services instead of long-scrolling through a text copy on a website. 

First of all, it makes a website even more appealing and gives a brief understanding of who you are. Moreover, an explainer video helps boost a site in search engines. Both people and Google love video-content more than any other type of content.   

2. Upload Your Explainer Video to YouTube

You may avoid publishing your video on the third parties. However, ignoring YouTube, you miss an opportunity to make your brand noticed by nearly 2 billion users. There could be a lot of your potential customers, think about it. All in all, YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. 

3. Create a Powerful CTA

A strong call-to-action button in the video can move your customers towards completing a conversion. Without placing a CTA in the video, viewers can just watch the video, scroll further, and do not make any preferable action. 

If you accompany a marketing message with an explainer video with a CTA on your site, you multiply chances to get more conversions. Imagine that users are watching an incredible explainer video. They like the way a brand represents itself and its products or services. After it is watched, they see a powerful CTA that invites them to visit a particular web page. Would they follow it? There is a high likability that they will. A CTA, in the end, is an excellent lead-generation and conversion-increasing tool.

4. Share Your Explainer Video With Your Email List

Email marketing may seem an old-school marketing tactic. However, it still brings excellent results for the business. To raise its effectiveness, you can make an animated explainer video part of your stylish and engaging email. Your customers would rather watch a video-presentation of your products or services than read about it in the email. The explainer video will make then instantly interested in your news.

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Every marketing expert will prove that a built-in video in the email will make a campaign perform much better. According to Wistia, a video in the email can boost a CTR of up to 40%! It is a big reason to start thinking of producing your first animated video. 

5. Promote Your Explainer Video on Social Networks

You might already be familiar with the power of social media marketing. The Wordstream states that a video-content is 1200% more likely to be shared on social media than the text combined with images. 

There is nothing to add more to prove the fact that social networks plus an engaging explainer video are equal to a mind-blowing and powerful marketing mix that can amazingly promote a brand. On the one hand, an animated video will introduce your services or products to a target audience in a creative manner. On the other hand, it will fastly boost brand awareness. You can use an animated video for advertising.

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6. Promote Your Video Using Blogging Techniques

Your company’s blog is a great place to start building the audience for your explainer video. You must be working for a long time to strengthen your online business presence, continuously publishing engaging articles on your blog. It is time to combine blog marketing and email marketing. 

You can start creating articles in which you can use your video as a part of a visual explanation of the textual content. It is a great way to introduce your explainer video to an already created network of subscribers and enrich a blog with appealing content. If you do it, you can kill two birds at the same time. You promote a video and you make a blog even more attractive to a target audience.

7. Distribute Your Explainer Video on Quora

Many entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers use Quora to reach a more inquisitive audience. The question-answer platform can be not only a perfect place to get valuable information but also to spread your own opinions and link them to your video and website. It is an effective way to promote your content, although you must keep in mind that unobtrusiveness must be your first rule to follow on Quora. Otherwise, a platform will flag you as a spammer. 

You should deliver really valuable information that does not look like a promotion. Quora is a huge resource with plenty of topics, so it would be easy to find your niche and contribute it with the answers to questions related to the topic of your video.

8. Use a Video in a Sales Pitch

You can make your sales pitch even more appealing by using a snazzy explainer video. According to Forbes, 58% of business executives, as well as ordinary customers, would be happier to watch a quick video-presentation of the company’s products or services than listen or read long-lasting sales representative’s speeches.

Using an explainer video in your sales pitches, you will raise chances to convert prospects into new clients and grow your business.


Following the video marketing practices described above, you will likely boost your business performance in the shortest time. We hope that this article has shed light on how you can use an explainer video to increase your brand recognition, customer loyalty, and a number of sales. 

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