Top Animated Explainer Video Design Inspirations for 2022 from Explain Ninja

A variety of company representatives note that in 2022 video explainers are becoming one of the leading marketing tools to leverage business and attract the audience.

All videos provided are created by the team

Statistics say that four of the ten most-watched videos on YouTube were part of advertising campaigns for specific brands that crafted videos with the top technology animated video production design companies.

10 Incredible Videos for Ultimate Inspiration

Among the great variety of videos created for multiple purposes to share on the YouTube channel, fit the leading business media, or distribute via social media accounts, explainer videos crafted by Explain Ninja remain much sought after by various businesses. They help them cope with the common misconceptions and achieve their business goals to the utmost.

And you’re welcome to look through some explainers created by one of such companies for inspiration.

1) Tohu

Tohu’s world is a dangerous place! Well… it’s actually not. But it might seem dangerous, especially to those who never saw The Girl’s alter ego. An incredible awarded game website video.

2) By Next Logo

A video for By Next, awarded as the best logo design by Red Dot.

3) CrowdSec

This video was created for a brand new cyber security start-up to help them explain in 1-minute max their rather complex solution. So they can reach more people within their target group. It turns out as a cool project. And the goal has been achieved!

4) Cyber Security

Another animation, a little part from our explainer for CrowdSec.

5) Swiss Fin Lab

We introduced an explainer video for Swiss Fin Lab, a fintech startup. It’s an engaging animated video that promoted their ZOA service.

6) MyTaxi

Top Animated Explainer Video Design Inspirations for 2022 from Explain Ninja 20

Made as a new explainer video, MyTaxi featured their new MyTaxiMatch service. This was a little part of it, a full video was yet to come soon.

7) Freshy App

Our team produced an explainer video for Freshy, a food discovery app that helps restaurants optimize expenses and bring customers.

8) Nexus

You may enjoy another scene and processes from our video created especially for

9) Zoominfo Engage

Zoominfo Engage was produced as an explainer video for ZoomInfo, a B2B database that helps businesses identify, connect, and close customers.

10) Club Soda Explainer

Here’s a little montage from the explainer for Club Soda, Enjoy a cartoon video for ClubSoda, a cool food ordering application.

To Wrap it Up

If earlier, initially viral videos like music video clips or the most controversial commercial videos ever were the most viewed, nowadays the tendencies are changing to the records increasingly held by explainer videos created for many various businesses and used for multiple business purposes: from e-learning to instruction, PR, recruitment or social media marketing, etc.

Needless to say how much easier our life is with a small video that explains how our project works, what’s this or that, or where the discount comes from, etc. Get inspired by the most awesome videos and feel free to create some of your own.

Provided By Explain Ninja

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