How to Choose the Best Explainer Video Company

An explainer video is an important step for any marketing campaign. Nowadays the market offers lots of production companies to choose from. But how to figure out which explainer video company is the best one? Do they really make fascinating videos and suit your budget?
Here are some tips for investigation.

  • Calculation of Budget.

First of all, consider your budget. Large reputable production companies create custom made videos which take much effort and cost. Smaller and less experienced companies use ready-made templates. Compare the prices and decide
which type of explanation video you can afford.

  • Company Background and Expertise.

Study the company’s portfolio and web-site carefully. Have they produced many videos? Does the company have the experienced work forces? Are they experts in their field? Ask your manager how many people would be involved in your project.

  • Feedbacks from Clients.

Be serious about feedbacks from the previous clients. Check out social networks and blogs including recommendations, ratings and testimonials. If you find any negative feedbacks related to their product concentrate on the disadvantages and think whether they are crucial to you.

  • Communication and Work Process.

A good company strictly adheres to the logistics and work process, i.e. timelines, lots of advertising ideas, quick response to your requests, many options for editing, etc. They will offer you a detailed questionnaire and work plan to consider any smallest detail and requirement. Take into account the video’s script, the quality of voiceover, design, characters and other minor factors when you product an explainer video.

  • Quality Measurement.

Analyze your marketing results: evaluate conversion rates, number of views and likes, duration of watch, the position in the search engines. Are you satisfied with the results?

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