Top 15 Brands Excelling in Social Media Video Examples

Imagine you want to tell a story on social media. Spark emotions, grab attention, and encourage action, hoping people share it with friends. Pictures and long reads might not do the trick. The solution? Video.

Oreo’s Game of Thrones Delight: Conquering Social Media

Oreo’s collaboration with Game of Thrones goes beyond just cookies—it’s a social media mastery spectacle. Meticulously reconstructing the iconic Game of Thrones titles with 2,750 cookies was just the beginning. The campaign conquered platforms with interactive twists on the show’s theme song, Instagram throne room challenges, and TikTok cookie battles.

This partnership, engaging video content, and limited-edition treats achieved remarkable success—boosting brand awareness, driving sales, and earning fan love.

Adidas: Winning Hearts with Cricket Content

Adidas hits a home run with the ‘3 Ka Dream’ campaign, embodying the spirit of ‘impossible is nothing.’ Centered around the 2023 World Cup, the campaign voices the dream of a billion Indian fans for a third victory. With inspiring lyrics, cricket legends, and passionate fans, it fosters a strong sense of unity.

The campaign video features cricket legends and fans. Thanks to it, it reaches over 22 million views, showcasing remarkable audience loyalty.

The video’s success isn’t just in views; it underscores Adidas’s deep connection with this sport. Seamlessly integrated into the cricket landscape, it becomes a potent marketing tool, elevating Adidas beyond sportswear—it becomes an integral part of the cricketing narrative. 

Reebok’s Inspiring Campaign: Seize Your Days!

Reebok has launched a campaign that resonates strongly with its inspiring content. In a well-crafted video, Reebok encourages viewers to reflect on their life’s purpose with a powerful message: ‘You have 25,915 days. What will you do with them?’

This campaign invites users to calculate their potential remaining days based on age, gender, and location averages. The initiative goes beyond mere calculation. Through #HonorYourDays, people share their aspirations by posting personalized photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Reebok fosters a content-rich environment across all digital platforms, inspiring people worldwide to make the most of their days and bodies. This campaign prompts introspection, visually mapping one’s life journey, and invites everyone to embrace their full potential. 

It’s more than just fitness; it’s a call to live fully, encouraging a global movement of self-reflection and empowerment.

Zomato’s Squid Game Reel: Riding the Trend with Style

Zomato’s Squid Game Reel brilliantly merges animation and marketing prowess. It uses the immense popularity of the Korean series Squid Game, making it one of the top social media video examples. The animation captures the show’s essence, representing characters, expressions, and even the soundtrack.

Zomato, known for food delivery, strategically integrates the Squid Game theme, centering the narrative around the humble ‘sandwich’ to engage viewers. This alignment with a cultural phenomenon ensures the video’s relevance and reliability. Zomato’s success lies in hitching its brand to the Squid Game trend, effectively reaching a broader audience.

Grammarly on TikTok

Grammarly excels in best storytelling in advertising videos and ventures into the world of TikTok, renowned for its short and engaging content. These videos serve as product promotions and contribute to Grammarly’s cultural relevance. By actively participating in TikTok trends, Grammarly effectively reaches a younger audience, positioning itself as a current brand.

What sets Grammarly’s TikTok strategy apart is its seamless integration into TikTok’s dynamic landscape while maintaining the brand’s human-centric charm. By combining useful content with funny videos, they definitely create the best social media videos.

@grammarlyofficial Grammarly gives us the confidence boost we need. 🤩 #WhosThatWonderfulGirl #Insights #Emails #WeeklyEmails #Confidence #WorkTok #WorkHumor #Grammarly ♬ original sound – Grammarly

Dove Project #ShowUs: Breaking Beauty Norms

Dove’s Project #ShowUs is a bold body-positive campaign. It challenges traditional beauty standards and draws attention to diversity. The ‘Shattering Beauty Stereotypes’ video confronts beauty standards, aligning with the contemporary spirit.

From a marketing standpoint, the video is exemplary. It efficiently uses a compelling message to connect with its audience. Dove positions itself as a product seller and a socially responsible brand.

What sets this video apart is its profound digital storytelling. It begins with a girl’s life cycle, backed by impactful background music and a poignant voiceover, capturing viewers’ attention. This approach triggers the viewers’ emotions. 

Beyond traditional marketing, Dove’s video transcends social norms, catalyzing positive change, challenging beauty standards, and making a powerful call for acceptance and diversity.

Lenovo Go: Seamless Success with Animated Marketing

Lenovo Go is an excellent example of social media video, skillfully integrating animation into a live-action setting. This visually appealing and engaging video conveys a concise yet informative message about Lenovo Go’s products, encouraging viewers to explore the brand further.

Aimed at younger audiences, the video creates a compelling storyline that resonates with those interested in the offer. What sets it apart is the smooth transition between different scenarios, providing an uninterrupted viewing experience that aligns perfectly with social media expectations.

The video’s user-centric approach ensures a seamless journey through the content, highlighting the brand’s commitment to delivering an engaging and smooth experience.

The Hive British Gas: Animation in Smart Home Marketing

The Hive British Gas video is a brilliant showcase of seamlessly integrating animation and marketing to deliver a powerful explainer video experience.

This video employs sleek animation to highlight the advantages of Hive’s smart home devices, catering to tech-savvy homeowners. What makes it stand out is the inclusion of adorable animal characters and a captivating poem soundtrack. It crafts an emotionally resonant narrative that transcends typical product features.

Using social media platforms, the video simplifies the significance of Hive’s smart home devices, emphasizing their role in enriching the lives of homeowners.

Swiggy Matchday Mania: Scoring Big 

Swiggy’s Matchday Mania video goes beyond a typical advertisement. It’s a lively, entertaining animation that captures the essence of the promotion. It contains a catchy message encouraging football fans to prepare for a tempting 60% OFF on snacks. Infusing colorful graphics, upbeat music, and animation creates an immersive experience.

This video’s familiar scenarios make it stand out, enhancing brand recognition and fostering a deeper connection. Efficient visual storytelling avoids information overload, seamlessly leading to a clear call to action and enticing viewers to take advantage of the offered discounts.

Swiggy brilliantly capitalizes on the FIFA frenzy, aligning its marketing campaign and social media video with this global event.

BuzzFeed Tasty: Culinary Simplicity

BuzzFeed Tasty is one of Instagram’s greatest social media video examples. Infused with a light-hearted touch and simplicity, these videos are visual recipes that viewers eagerly save. Voice instructions or an appealing soundtrack accompanies them. Their success lies in making recipes achievable at home. 

They share complete recipe videos and short captions, adapting to evolving platform features. As a result, BuzzFeed Tasty’s content enjoys increased reach and engagement across social media.

Lego Cooking: Stop-Motion Artistry

Blending the stop-motion technique with special Lego ingredients, Lego Cooking crafts captivating videos. This unique “stop-action video” method intricately weaves together still shots, transforming them into a visually enchanting story. The result is a video designed to offer viewers relaxation and entertainment.

These videos have gained popularity by capturing the trend of incorporating ASMR sounds. It adds a light-hearted context to enhance the overall viewing experience. Lego Cooking aims to provide a blend of creativity and amusement, creating an immersive experience that is gaining traction on social media.

Ghibli’s MAGIC Food video from Lego Cooking channel

Red Bull: Thrilling Content Experiences

Red Bull’s content marketing focuses on crafting immersive experiences that linger in the audience’s memory. The brand excels in diverse content genres, from infotainment to gripping adventure documentaries, creating a vivid association with excitement and thrill.

Across social media, Red Bull delivers visually stunning event highlights, adrenaline-pumping races, and exclusive interviews with celebrities and sports personalities. These videos showcase the brand’s essence, leaving viewers with a sense of exhilaration.

Red Bull’s venture into 360° interactive videos is a notable innovation, particularly in sports events. This immersive content goes beyond traditional viewing, providing heightened engagement and participation.

Ikea Home Tour Series: Harnessing UGS

Ikea emerged as a content marketing maestro, evident in its Home Tour Series videos. They are strategically using User-Generated Content. This dedicated YouTube series transforms customers into active contributors, sparking extensive reach, comments, and enthusiastic participation.

The Home Tour Series becomes a dynamic platform where real people showcase their spaces and collaborate with Ikea design experts. It enhances the brand’s authenticity, fostering a stronger bond with the audience as active participants, not just consumers.

CRED: Transforming Payment Experiences 

In the competitive landscape of modern startups, CRED stands out for its captivating social media presence through its video commercial, “Payments Reimagined.”

This CRED ad employs animated video featuring kinetic typography animation and eye-catching elements. The video showcases the benefits of using CRED for bill payments, prompting users to consider downloading the app.

CRED’s innovative use of kinetic typography brings vitality to payment solutions. This video is a standout example of how startups can effectively communicate with their target audience through dynamic visual storytelling.

TED-Ed: Inspiring Confidence with Animated Education

When we speak about the best social media videos in education, we can’t forget TED-Ed. Their “3 Tips to Boost Confidence” video on YouTube is a stellar example of effective animation.

This TED-Ed video shows how animation enhances both education and marketing. It reinforces their credibility as an educational source by offering valuable tips on boosting confidence.

Using platforms like Instagram Reels expands the video’s reach in the digital education space. What sets this video apart is TED-Ed’s approach: incorporating an animated storyline, adding visual appeal, and ensuring viewers are attracted and compelled to watch until the end. 

Headspace: Attain Calmness through Minimalistic Animation

Headspace’s brand video employs animated visuals to convey the essence of its meditation app. Seamlessly transitioning from portraying anxiety to a serene atmosphere, the video underscores the app’s transformative power.

What sets this video apart is its skill in captivating viewers without revealing the brand until the end. This choice amplifies the impact of conceptual animated videos. This approach compellingly narrates the brand story, visually portraying the challenges Headspace addresses.

The video’s design aligns with the brand’s mindfulness and meditation focus. Its clean, appealing aesthetics cater to the needs of today’s social media users, offering moments of calm in the digital chaos.

What makes Social Media Videos Indispensable for Your Brand’s Advancement?

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Illustration by Dmitrij for Fireart Studio

Three key factors convince you to use video as a tool for spreading information about your brand and driving sales:

Effectively positions your brand

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Illustration by Lily for Fireart Studio

Using videos in social media marketing is a highly effective strategy to position your brand. These videos quickly grab the viewer’s attention, delivering the brand message within minutes. 

The engaging elements, such as illustrations, animations, and sound design, turn the video into a story. They are creating a memorable and positive association with your brand. The appeal to emotions establishes a personal connection with viewers, enhancing your brand’s image.

Reaches a global audience

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Videos are highly shareable, making them a powerful tool to reach a global audience. People tend to share entertaining and unique content, expanding the video’s reach beyond its initial viewers. 

Moreover, these videos are mobile-friendly, seamlessly fitting on any device. This adaptability enables you to connect with a larger audience across diverse locations and become global.

Encourages engagement and drives sales

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Videos boost engagement and boost sales by capitalizing on their shareability and versatility. The first aspect prompts users to share content, organically leading the video’s reach. At the same time, the flexibility of videos enables use across channels and devices, reaching diverse audiences. Incorporating animated logos, branding colors, and taglines enhances brand awareness and motivates viewers to explore and purchase.

Explain Ninja Expertise in Social Media Videos

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