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Different types of explainer videos

January 13, 2017

An explainer video is a good marketing tool for any company especially for a startup which tells about a product or service quickly and easily. Each style of video depends on target audience, production, explainer video tools and budget.

Which type of a video would fit your budget and goals?

2D animation (character or motion graphics)

This style is wide spread due to its simplicity, quick production and emotions. It is suitable both for a storytelling and tutorials. Animated explainer videos instantly catch your audience’s attention and are fun to watch.

3D animation

These commercials are mainly used by large companies because they are rather expensive. However, more motion and design elements are available.


If you are looking for a cheap explainer video, this trendy effective style is the best option. Once a talented illustrator drew pictures on a whiteboard, and a camera recorded his actions. This simple technique became popular all over the world. Just draw a series of images matching the voice (or without it) and explain your ideas.


This style assumes digital recording of a print screen (screen capture) with audio over it.

Stop Motion

This technique uses real object in step by step screens. However, the process is rather difficult and not for low budgets. The objects change a little between each frame. When the frames are played one by one it gives the illusion of movement.


Use iconographic style for showing figures, schemes, financial data, etc. It will attract your audience with colorful images, diagrams and tables.

Live Action

Just take your camera and record everything you see! Is a nice option if you want to show real people in real scenes. You may use the stories told by your satisfied customers or qualified personnel.
As you can see, the best explainer video’s price in your case fully depends on your goals, audience and budget limits.

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