Key Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for Business

Many brands are using whiteboard animation videos to interact with their customers in the online world. Here we suggest the key reasons to try it out for you too.

Key Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for Business 20
Illustration by Lily for Explain Ninja

Are you looking to make your employee onboarding process a way funnier? Do you want to intrigue your investors? Or would you like to make the customer experience more engaging? Here is where a whiteboard animated video can help. It has become one of the most amazing video marketing trends in 2022. In this article, we are considering the key reasons to refresh your marketing strategy by incorporating whiteboard videos into it.

First of all, what is whiteboard animation video?

Whiteboard animation is a video style in which all illustrations are being drawn step by step on a white background, and where the author’s hand appears to create them. Usually, these illustrations are accompanied by narration that guides the viewer through the entire story. Today, whiteboard animated videos are widely used in marketing, user onboarding, and explainer videos.

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Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

Why use whiteboard animations?

If you want to make your brand image more appealing in the online space and catch the audience’s eye, animated whiteboard videos are the best way to implement it. Below, we are taking a closer look at the reasons to use whiteboard animation in your brand strategy.

Cover a lot of ideas at once

Many companies dream about a versatile format allowing them to pack many ideas into a brief story that engages people and makes them recognize the brand among hundreds of competitors. A whiteboard animation video can help you do it. It enables you to describe all the necessary concepts and messages in a quick and narrative form that consumers can easily perceive, interact with, and share with others.

Cheaper than to hire actors for a live-motion video

Many brands were thinking of making a live-motion video first. Saying ‘video marketing,’ we mostly think it goes about a live-motion video with ‘alive’ humans inside. However, video marketing is an impactful approach that includes animated videos, motion design, GIFs, and other interactive content besides live-motion videos.

Before hiring professional actors for your next short commercial, consider animation as an excellent alternative to a live-motion video, as it’s pretty much cheaper.

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Animation by Explain Ninja

Spice up your social media marketing

Social media marketing requires creating new content all the time. People always want something fresh and creative. And yes, we should admit that producing new whiteboard animated videos for daily posts might be an expensive pleasure. 

However, there is a type of social media content that can be re-used many times and serves to introduce the brand to new followers. For example, these are highlighted stories on Instagram, pinned posts on Twitter or Facebook, etc. In this case, you can use whiteboard animated explainer videos to present your brand to the audience, which enters your business profile for the first time.

Humorize your marketing and customer strategy

There is likely no better way to incorporate humor into a marketing and customer experience strategy than using lovely whiteboard videos. A humoristic script, fun animated heroes, and engaging visual metaphors can make real magic with your online branding. Don’t you believe us? You will probably believe happy customers that share massive positive feedback under the posts with whiteboard explainer video examples on different business profiles. 

Turn boring information into an engaging story

Whiteboard videos are super-convenient for storytelling, as you can easily combine simple visuals with engaging narration. It allows you to depict complex concepts and ideas as a set of easy-to-perceive illustrations accompanied by the actor’s voice that straightforwardly explains everything. No matter the complexity of ideas you need to transfer, whiteboard animation is a perfect tool for communicating them in a format of an immersive story. 

Just to draw the audience’s attention

Do you want to attract the target audience’s attention in the digital world? Yep, many brands dream about it as well. In the saturated digital world, standing out is challenging since the number of competitors is continuously increasing.

Whiteboard animation services can help you step out of a vicious circle and appeal to people with prominent content. You can make a whiteboard animation video to interact with potential customers on social networks, websites, emails, and other spots on the web.

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Animation by Explain Ninja

Are you looking for a reliable whiteboard animation maker? 

When looking for a reliable whiteboard animation maker, we recommend checking their portfolios first of all. This tip might seem too obvious. However, we suggest looking at it from a different perspective. When investigating an animation portfolio, pay attention if the company has produced whiteboard videos before. 

It might be professional in 2D and 3D animation production. However, whiteboard animation requires a little bit different approach. Thus, checking whether an explainer video maker has the necessary experience in whiteboard animation is important and can help you choose the right partner for your project.

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