New Opportunities for Explainer Videos on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram allowed everybody to download and share the 1-minute video? The social network implemented the new option this year into two stages. The advertisers got this opportunity in January and regular users use it since March.

The network’s knowhow strengthens the potential of the business animation video production studios and their customers. Most companies in this sphere work with 60 seconds format as this length is easy for the potential customer to perceive and make conclusions. Such explainer videos for business include the necessary information about the promoted services or goods with the help of the clear instruments.

The promotion via Instagram is the most effective way to increase lead generation and find the loyal customers from the desired region or the whole world. It is one of the top social networks so you will get tons of the new subscribers very quickly. Some agencies consider that Instagram has higher popularity than Facebook.

Explain Ninja recommends you to stop waste your time for other business promotion campaigns. We’re ready to give you the best video animation for business according to Instagram requirements. Call us right now to order your animated movie about your business.

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