10 Best Animated Advertisements

Jun 11, 2021 · 12 min read

In this article, we are considering the power and the benefits of animated commercials and animated video ads for businesses. Are you ready to start with our list of top animated ads?

Animation has become one of the biggest advertising trends. Many companies may wonder why animated commercials are so effective? The first and foremost reason is that animated promotional videos are entertaining at the same time. Modern customers don’t want to listen to the ordinary promotion, they prefer watching videos telling compelling personal and brand stories. And an animation ad comes to the rescue.

An animated video is a perfect medium for experimenting with different styles and effects. It doesn’t limit your imagination in introducing your brand, its products, and its ideas. That’s why many companies use animated commercials in advertising. In this article, we will take a closer look at the nature of animation advertisements and their benefits for a business.   

What is animated advertising?

Illustration by Dmitrij for Explain Ninja

An animated commercial ad is a short, 15 to 60-second video that promotes the company’s products or services. Animation in advertising is an entertaining, unobtrusive, and creative type of commercial. Most often, brands use them in promotional campaigns on TV and social media. The most common goals companies trying to reach with advertising animations are:

  • Raising brand awareness. A commercial animated video is one of the best ways to gain a new audience and attract new customers. While other types of videos like an explainer are targeted mostly at existing customers, animation advertising should attract new people and show your brand’s best qualities.
  • Conversions increase. Using advertising animations is a perfect way for increasing your business conversion on a digital market. It is the best option to present your product to a new broader audience on social media platforms, blogs, and other websites. 
  • Sales increase. Video content consumption continues to rise over the years. According to Statista, in 2019, the number of video content viewers online was 2.6 billion, and these numbers are still growing. So, the best way to promote your product is to create an animation ad and integrate it into other video content.
  • Product launch. Animated ads work the best if you need to present a new product to the audience. It can perfectly describe the product and list all its advantages both to your existing and new customers.

5 Reasons to Use Animated Ads in a Business

Illustration by Dmitrij for Explain Ninja

Illustration by Dmitrij for Explain Ninja

Animated advertising videos are great marketing tools, and they have a lot of advantages. There are a lot of reasons for your business to use animation adverts and the main reason is that these videos are great for finding the common language with your audience.

Video becomes one of the most popular media, and adding animated video advertisement to your product launch is a perfect way to find your audience. Here, we will list the most obvious and important reasons to use animated ads for your business.

Creativity helps your brand stand out

People are fed up with promotional speeches and usual forms of advertising. They want something fresh and creative. You can reveal your team’s creativity and innovation-thinking in an animated commercial in full. This type of advertising doesn’t make viewers bored with lengthy explanations or product pitches. On the contrary, it engages the audience, draws their attention, and makes them interested in a brand.

Animated videos explain a complex message in a simple form

Animated videos are a convenient way to communicate with customers, as they allow to convey even complicated business concepts and marketing messages more effectively. In an animated commercial, you can break a complex idea down into small scenes and situations, which you can animate in a fun and easy-to-understand form. 

This feature of animated videos is particularly helpful for financial organizations, educational institutions, healthcare providers, crypto-traders, and other companies in industries that operate complex assets of information that require having special knowledge and background that aren’t available for average customers.  

Animation by Vladislav Olshevsky for Explain Ninja

Animation by Vladislav Olshevsky for Explain Ninja

It’s a powerful marketing tool

Commercial animation has created a new dimension in online advertising. Companies using animated ads have seen better results in audience engagement, customer acquisition, and lead generation. Animated videos are a highly attractive kind of content that makes people slow the scroll and listen to what the brand is saying to them. Carrying an entertaining function, first of all, they help brands draw the user’s attention and increase their loyalty. It positively impacts conversions because a loyal audience will more likely buy than a cold one.

Animated commercials are a cost-effective option

Although many entrepreneurs might think that animated explainer video production is an expensive option, it’s actually very affordable. Animated videos are much cheaper than live-motion videos since there is no need to spend additional costs on hiring artists, renting locations, etc. In the case of animated videos, an entire video-story is produced in one studio. Moreover, animated videos can be applicable to many areas of marketing, brand-building, and promotion. Thus, investing in one animated commercial, you also get a versatile solution that opens many opportunities for the brand’s PR and marketing. 

They provide consistent content flow

In an animated video commercial, you can present all the information consistently and explain the concept to the viewer step by step. It is an effective means of communication and education. You can use animated commercials to educate customers on how they can use your products or services to solve their problems and make their lives easier. 

It’s particularly important for startups since they can explain and introduce their project before a product launch. It will help them create buzz around a product, spread information about it across the web, and grow target audience engagement. All these factors will contribute to a successful product lunch.

Best examples of animated video ads

So, you have checked all the reasons to use animation advertisements for your company or your product. Are you ready to create one? But what about the style of the animation ad, or how long should it be? Being out of ideas at the very beginning is fine. To get inspired, it’s better to watch some of the best animated advertisements created. You can get the main idea of what your brand needs. It’s always better to have some examples in mind when ordering an animated commercial at a professional studio.

Without further ado, here is our list of the best animated ads examples.

Heinz Beans Advert

Heinz’s New Baked Beans animated advertisement presenting us with a whole short cartoon describing the story of the creation of the Baked Beans. This sentimental animated video advertisement connects perfectly with the product and the company itself. A family company that Heinz used to produce a perfect snack for the family breakfast or lunch. And the video shows us this parallel of creating a perfect product with creating a family. The animation of this piece is truly outstanding. It also leaves us with a warm and cozy feeling of a family reunion.

Project Sunroof (Google)

Google’s animation ad on their innovative map of solar power consumption is easy to watch and pleasant to look at. They have managed to explain quite a complicated concept in a short 90-second video. Simplistic 2D animation and lack of complicated technical terms successfully bring all the necessary information to a broad audience. It makes this video a perfect example of a commercial for an IT and Tech company. 

Nespresso On Ice

Nespresso’s video ad for their limited edition ice brew is one of the best animated ads examples for a perfect summer commercial. Their 30-second video was released back in 2017, but it still looks extremely beautiful and trendy with its flat colors, 2D animation, and smooth transitions. This video brings us summertime vibes with all the vibrant colors and upbeat music from the first seconds. This combination is perfect for promoting an icy summer beverage.

Air Reinvented (NIKE)

Nike released an ad campaign for their newly redesigned legendary sneakers Nike Air back in 2012. However, this animation ad still looks extremely relevant and stylish. They used pop-art 2D animation and combined them with real photos to show the story of the brand and the evolution of this particular iconic sneakers line. Hip music that highlights every time adds to the authenticity and overall style of the video and makes it a perfect commercial for a fashion brand. 

Follow Your Dreams (Seneca)

Seneca College has created a beautiful video encouraging applicants to become students and get their dream degrees. This animation advert has soothing seamless animation with unique graphics and a matching voice-over. Seneca’s 1-minute video has quite a lot of information, but the animation follows the video script perfectly, and storytelling techniques help us comprehend everything. 

Say Hello (Headspace)

The simpler, the better — Headspace proved it once again with its Say Hello animated commercial. Simplistic 2D animation with adorable characters shows us how to use their new meditation application. In the almost 90-second video, these characters explain how and why we should use this app. I must say, it works! All the situations these colorful blobs are stitched in are relatable, and you start to understand them quickly. And the number of downloads and positive reviews in the App Store proves that it was an effective tool to promote the product. 

Silver Arrow Band

Silver Arrow Band explains what their service offers in a short 1-minute video most understandably. It is also accompanied by a minimalistic 2D animation in pastel colors to highlight the company’s character and simplify the service concept. The advertisement is well-animated and has a piece of cheerful background music that complements the storytelling. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cartoons are not common to advertise a product, but Cadbury Dairy Milk shows us that it’s a great way to do so. Cartoon aliens are happy to taste the new milk chocolate bar, and so are we! Using 3D cartoon animation in short commercial videos is also a great way to appeal to a child audience. It’s a perfect choice for a sweet product like this. A fun soundtrack only adds to the overall mood of the video and makes you sing this song all day long once you hear it in the commercial.

SumTotalCare (Summa Health)

A video commercial of Summa Health is an outstanding example of how to use advertising animations in the healthcare industry. SumTotalCare clip combines creative storytelling, amazing 2D animation, and smooth transitions that push the story forward. The clip is very dynamic, and funny metaphors create a memorable impression. It may seem hard to make something funny and creative in the medical field, but Summa Health proved us wrong with the SumTotalCare animated advertisement. 

The Place You Want to be (Volkswagen)

Another great example of using a short animated cartoon story in an ad is Volkswagen’s video named “The Place You Want to Be.” A short clip shows us the small adventure of a green Volkswagen Beetle on its way to car service, and this is a great perspective on a car commercial. It’s unusual to see funny cartoon cars instead of dramatic drone shots of a shiny car driving across the breathtaking scenery. This video is appealing to a broad audience, and these cute cars are staying in our memories for a long time.


Animated commercials are an effective type of content for advertising. Brands are using it to engage consumers and introduce products/services unobtrusively. This content allows them to explain complex business concepts within a few minutes, make the viewers interested in their offering, grow their loyalty toward a brand, and introduce a brand as a creative and innovation-driven company. 

If you’re seeking a trusted and talented animated commercial production company, don’t hesitate to contact us here. Our team at Explain Ninja is ready to take up new creative challenges and video production experiments on the way to your business success.

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