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The Benefits of Animated Commercials & Animated Video Ads

August 30, 2020

In this article, we are considering the power and the benefits of animated commercials and animated video ads for businesses. Are you ready to start?

Animation has become one of the biggest advertising trends. Many companies may wonder why animated commercials are so effective? The first and foremost reason is that animated promotional videos are entertaining at the same time. Modern customers don’t want to listen to the ordinary promotion, they prefer watching videos telling compelling personal and brand stories.

An animated video is a perfect medium for experimenting with different styles and effects. It doesn’t limit your imagination in introducing your brand, its products, and ideas. That’s why many companies use animated commercials in advertising. In this article, we will take a closer look at the nature of commercial animation and its benefits for a business.  

What Are Animated Commercials?

Illustration by Dmitrij for Explain Ninja

Illustration by Dmitrij for Explain Ninja

An animated commercial ad is a short 15 to 60-second video that promotes the company’s products or services. It’s an entertaining, unobtrusive, and creative type of advertising. Most often, brands use them in promotional campaigns on TV and social media. 

5 Reasons to Use Animated Commercials in a Business

Before investing in animated video production, entrepreneurs usually want to learn more about all the advantages of this option. So, let’s consider them in detail.

Illustration by Dmitrij for Explain Ninja

Illustration by Dmitrij for Explain Ninja

Creativity helps your brand stand out

People are fed up with promotional speeches and usual forms of advertising. They want something fresh and creative. You can reveal your team’s creativity and innovation-thinking in an animated commercial in full. This type of advertising doesn’t make viewers bored with lengthy explanations or product pitches. On the contrary, it engages the audiences, draws their attention, and makes them interested in a brand.

Animated videos explain a complex message in a simple form

Animated videos are a convenient way to communicate with customers, as they allow to convey even complicated business concepts and marketing messages more effectively. In an animated commercial, you can break a complex idea down into small scenes and situations, which you can animate in a fun and easy to understand form. 

This feature of animated videos is particularly helpful for financial organizations, educational institutions, healthcare providers, crypto-traders, and other companies in industries that operate complex assets of information that require having special knowledge and background that aren’t available for average customers.  

Animation by Vladislav Olshevsky for Explain Ninja

Animation by Vladislav Olshevsky for Explain Ninja

It’s a powerful marketing tool

Commercial animation has created a new dimension in online advertising. Companies using animated ads have seen better results in audience engagement, customer acquisition, and lead generation. Animated videos are a highly attractive kind of content that makes people slow the scroll and listen to what the brand is saying to them. Carrying an entertaining function, first of all, they help brands draw the user’s attention and increase their loyalty. It positively impacts conversions because a loyal audience will more likely buy than a cold one.

Animated commercials are a cost-effective option

Although many entrepreneurs might think that animated explainer video production is an expensive option, it’s actually very affordable. Animated videos are much cheaper than live-motion videos since there is no need to spend additional costs on hiring artists, renting locations, etc. In the case of animated videos, an entire video-story is produced in one studio. Moreover, animated videos can be applicable to many areas of marketing, brand-building, and promotion. Thus, investing in one animated commercial, you also get a versatile solution that opens many opportunities for the brand’s PR and marketing. 

They provide consistent content flow

In an animated video commercial, you can present all the information consistently and explain the concept to the viewer step by step. It is an effective means of communication and education. You can use animated commercials to educate customers on how they can use your products or services to solve their problems and make their lives easier. 

It’s particularly important for startups since they can explain and introduce their project before a product launch. It will help them create buzz around a product, spread information about it across the web, and grow target audience engagement. All these factors will contribute to a successful product lunch.


Animated commercials are an effective type of content for advertising. Brands are using it to engage consumers and introduce products/services unobtrusively. This content allows them to explain complex business concepts within a few minutes, make the viewers interested in their offering, grow their loyalty toward a brand, and introduce a brand as a creative and innovation-driven company. 

If you’re seeking a trusted and talented animated commercial production company, don’t hesitate to contact us here. Our team at Explain Ninja is ready to take up new creative challenges and video production experiments on the way to your business success.

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