How Explainer Videos Can Help Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Have you known that an animated explainer video can accelerate your business success on social media? Here we consider why!

The video is a powerful content type that helps gain the customer’s attention and earn their loyalty. It is particularly important to employ it in a social media marketing strategy, as it’s easy to share, eye-catching, and mobile-friendly. The animation makes the brand even more stand-out and memorable due to its unique visual style. 

If your competitors use animated explainer videos in their social media marketing strategy, they have a significant advantage, which you don’t have. So, don’t wait to learn more about excellent opportunities coming with an animated video and start incorporating it into your content strategy step by step.

How Explainer Videos Can Help Boost Your Social Media Marketing 20
Illustration by Yuliia Dobrokhod for Explain Ninja


Most of all, an animated explainer video is an incredibly eye-catching content. It slows the user’s scroll and makes people watch (and hear!) a brand message. There are different animation styles: 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, stop motion, motion graphics, and more. You can choose one that suits your brand mood best. 

Moreover, an animated video empowers you to introduce the company’s products and services more creatively by placing them in unexpected and even fun contexts. When producing an animation, your imagination can fly high because you can implement even the most impressive and boldest ideas into the video. All these effects help grow customer engagement on social media.

Attention seeker

The attention seeker, attention grabber, attention hitter — it has many names! The marketing animated video can combine all of the words into one tremendous power of catching the prospect’s eye and motivate users to learn more about your company by following the CTA-button in the video or below it. You can hire a creative animation video production company to craft a unique visual style for your animated commercial and fun characters that will help you draw the viewer’s attention and drive their interest in your brand.

Build an online presence

Do you want (need/want/desire) to build a robust and remarkable online brand presence? An animated explainer video can help you do it even more effectively. You can utilize an animated video on your company’s website to present your brand, its products, services, and the team in a creative and unforgettable way. 

Furthermore, your company can regularly post short animated videos on social media and incorporate them into digital advertising on social networks. Some brands even use animated videos in email marketing and say that it helps them increase the email-open rate by 19% and click rates by 65% while reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%, according to recent research by Campaign Monitor. 

With an adorable animated video, you can start building your online business presence through video marketing. Since the video is the most popular content type among modern customers, it will help turn your marketing efforts into measurable and tangible results for your business.

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Illustration by Maya Nguyen for Explain Ninja

Mobile and SEO friendly

Another big advantage of the video is that it’s mobile-friendly. Whatever your company chooses, animated commercial video, product video, explainer video, or any other type of animated video, it enables your brand to interact with customers via different channels and from various devices. 

Video currently makes up 50% of all mobile online traffic and is expected to grow to 61% in the next two years. In the same line, iPhones and Smartphones hold 40% of YouTube’s global watch time. 1These peculiarities of an animated video make it SEO-friendly. Animated videos embedded on a website are recognized by Google algorithms as especially valuable content since users usually spend more time on a web page than on average when watching them. This mechanism boosts a website in the search results.  

Easy to share

The last but not least benefit of animated video content is easy to share across social media. Animated videos are an excellent way to convey your brand’s personality via amazingly creative visuals. Whether it’s an advertising video, explainer video, or educational video — people share it more willingly than any other kind of branded content. Why? Because it gives them fun and entertainment.

To wrap this up

An animated video can become a perfect part of your marketing strategy. In particular, we recommend using it in social media marketing. Above, we have provided the top five reasons that make an animated explainer video a valuable part for your content strategy on social networks.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy video production company to create an animated social media marketing video, we are here to serve you. Contact our experts at Explain Ninja to learn more about how our skills and expertise can help your business. 

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