5 Reasons to Use Animated Videos for Product Demos

Are you still thinking about whether it’s worth using an animated video to introduce your new product or feature? Here we list five big reasons why you should definitely try this practice!

5 Reasons to Use Animated Videos for Product Demos 20
Illustration by Yuliia Dobrokhod for Explain Ninja

You might have already heard that animated videos have become one of the most effective and popular promotion methods. However, have you ever thought about using it for your product demo? If not, this article is for you. Here we consider 5 reasons why it’s worth incorporating animated video marketing in your product strategy.

A creative way to explain how a product works

Likely, there is no more creative way to explain anything than using an animated video. Cartoons have been around for decades. However, businesses have just recently unlocked the power of influence hidden in cartoons. The most exciting thing about animated videos is that they can explain even the most complicated concepts and ideas in a fun and creative way. A business cartoon is a great content form for explaining product uniqueness, key features, and purposes. In a short animated commercial, you can tell how the product works, what customer problem it solves, and how it can benefit your target audience.

High shareability of animated videos

Another reason for using animated videos for promotional purposes is their high shareability. People are more likely to share videos than any other type of content, especially when it comes to animation. If your product demo looks like a fun cartoon, believe us or not, but it can really become viral. People are visual creatures and tend to share visually powerful and engaging content with their friends and colleagues.

Demonstrate hidden components & zoom in details

An animated video is a convenient way to showcase your product inside out. It means that you can demonstrate even hidden components or zoom in on product details. It may be of paramount importance for some brands since the product value and essence can be emphasized by a detailed explanation of the materials, textures, and elements that are invisible to the human eye. Often, things that aren’t noticeable at first sight aren’t less important though. 

While filming some parts of your product is impossible in a live-motion video, it becomes a reality in animation. In the animated video, your imagination can fly high, and there are much fewer limits in the visual representation of physical objects.

Communicate a product vibe and mood

In animation, you can place your product in the most unexpected and creative contexts, surroundings, and situations. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of a graphic designer and animator, the impossible can come true in a few-minute animation. You can use this practice to communicate not only the product’s physical features but also its mood, vibe, and style. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate humor, play with visual metaphors and visual effects.

Video is the most popular content type

There is no surprise that video is the most popular, shareable, and lovable content type today. Modern consumers are time-savvy and don’t like to spend hours reading anything. They prefer watching short videos instead. That’s why video platforms like YouTube and TikTok are gaining momentum today. Keep up with video marketing trends and tendencies! Use an animated explainer video to introduce your new product or service to the audience in a way that really resonates with them.


Do you plan to create a product explainer video? We hope this article has provided you with a little bit of convincing why it’s worth making this video animated. This type of content converts much better than anything else, it engages the audience and helps raise brand awareness. Furthermore, an animated video allows you to implement the impossible by showcasing hidden product components, demonstrating micro details in a macro format, and explaining your product’s mood creatively. 

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