Magic of Motion: What is Considered Motion Design?

Each of us has experienced this type of design in movies, video explainers, commercials, screensavers, and even computer games. Every game and video content development studio, many TV channels, developer studios, and marketing companies offer motion design solutions for many business cases. Explain Ninja is also one of these top motion design studios that follow modern motion design trends and create incredible designs for all occasions.

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How is Motion Design Different from Animation?

What is motion design?

Motion design is the process of creating animated graphics that helps designer to make data visualizations more fun, explain physical laws, or an abstract idea. Motion design is used in movies, games, advertising, video clips, interfaces, etc. Every animated header, infographic, and interface effects you’ve seen anywhere has been made by motion designers.

Do not confuse regular animation with motion design. In regular animation, they show the plot, like in cartoons, create a narrative. And motion illustrates the idea, does not tell a full story, and may be just a part of the animation.

Storytelling in Motion Design

Motion graphics are more than just a pretty way to market, tell a story, or convey some helpful information. Motion graphics is a powerful storytelling tool that is utilized every day to transfer data to a group of people in a concise way. It may also become a unique way to communicate with, reach and expand your audience. Animation also transfers deeper emotions and sets a warmer environment for dwelling on the relationships with your target audience. Animation storytelling is a powerful way to transfer emotions because it usually exaggerates feelings to make them visible in the video. Beautiful animation with an exciting plot can make a human even more sympathetic and often is equal to an art masterpiece.

Usability in Motion Design

The truth is that best motion design has a profound impact on the user experience of digital products, but if interface elements don’t exhibit basic motion design principles, usability is rather undermined. In the context of user interfaces and their usability, motion is more than a visual garnish. Interactivity also helps to add micro-instructions to the interface, which makes it easier for the user to navigate the application or a website.

Where is It Better to Use?

Today, motion design is used everywhere where content is produced. Motion design blog with the best motion design trends and other spots will help you stay tuned into the areas of motion design application today. Here are the key spheres where it is great to use motion design.


No person will ever go to read a text about the values or goals of any corporation. That’s boring. Motion designers solve this problem. Thanks to visual tools, you can turn an abstraction into a clear image and help companies convey their ideas to customers.

Video explainers

This format helps designers experiment with new tools and techniques. Videos are the most engaging content type for multiple usages.


Every animated text or image that comes up in everyday life is created by a motion designer. Animation graphics use three channels of information at once: image, text and sound, and the viewer assimilates the data better.


Motion designers use the same techniques from movies and games in advertising. Advertising uses motion graphics to stand out from the crowd and get the message across to the audience in seconds. Motion design is a great opportunity for brands to present their key ideas and values.


Motion designers work on all the graphics you see in any entertainment content. News, entertainment, and educational portals often use motion design to create short, engaging videos.

Interface design

Interactivity helps to add micro-instructions to the interface, thanks to which it is easier for the user to navigate the application. Animated landing pages, presentation videos and infographics for websites are all used.


With the help of motion graphics, you can easily explain complex ideas, present information at conferences, product presentations, presentations to business partners.


Motion graphics are one of the fastest-growing content marketing channels today. With its help, it is easy to both attract and inform the viewer at the same time, and the readability of messages is higher than that of the usual channels.

Other Media

Scene openings, titles, splash screens, and production of trailers, and teasers are all made by motion designers. Screensavers, captions, subtitles, program design.

Magic of Motion: What is Considered Motion Design? 20


So, what is motion graphic design? Motion graphics is a powerful visual tool, designs that bring a static image to life. None of these areas can exist without the Internet, media, and advertising, television, cinema, mobile applications, and video games. All this is done by specialists who create engaging, exciting, impressive animation graphics and enjoy their work. Explain Ninja motion design agency will help you with motion graphics trends and awesome animation designs.

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