5 Best Video Storytelling Examples in 2022

Modern video content has up to 80% of global website traffic, which keeps growing annually. No wonder visual storytelling is gaining momentum in multiple areas, including business. Let’s see how to utilize storytelling visuals in your company promotion and make it strive.

5 Best Video Storytelling Examples in 2022 20
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What is video storytelling?

Storytelling is a method of storytelling visual. It helps build your brand, trust, and loyalty via emotional channeling. Because it evokes emotion and desire to share, visual storytelling is a powerful tool to engage new audiences in no time. What kind of stories could it be?

People perceive visual information 60,000 times better than text

Visual storytelling examples

Stories can be about people, your company, situations, and relationships. They can be positive, negative, controversial, provocative or dubious, etc., but they should be catchy to watch. Video explainers are often the best visual narrative examples. Backed up with beautiful animation design or motion graphics, they cater the information to the target fast and sharp. We’ve picked the best of them on the list:

1. Opengear: Campus

5 Best Video Storytelling Examples in 2022 21

2. CrowdSec

3. Swiss Finlab

4. Aspiration

5. Zoominfo Engage

Why is visual storytelling important?

The most significant value of visualized stories is that they enable building an emotional connection with the viewer from the first second of watching.

Similarly, you may apply it for commercial purposes to draw the attention of your potential customers to any of your products, services, or product features. Such visual storytelling ideas prove the product’s effectiveness by showing how it works in practice in an accessible and exciting way for the reader. Same graphic material may be used when advertising various events, tutorials, e-learning platforms, and so many other things that are hard to explain otherwise.

What are the benefits of visual storytelling?

The main advantages of storytelling are the involvement and retention of the viewers and creates an emotional connection with them. This type of data can be put on display in any media source. YouTube and Google search engines rate video stories as useful content.

The last point is especially important since our social networks are not just a channel for exchanging information. These are real communities where we exchange with subscribers not only news, but also stories, memories, and opinions. This approach increases brand loyalty. If you manage to create a real community of subscribers, users will willingly share your stories in their accounts. This alignment is interesting for any brand. This is both an organic increase in coverage and an expansion of a loyal audience via beautiful video stories.

 Final words

Thus, stories are a powerful marketing tool for your business. They help to establish emotional contact with the audience and cause empathy, trust, and compassion. Marketers skilfully use these emotions by creating videos based on solid storytelling. Since people perceive visual information 60,000 times better than text, it is better to prefer video stories to achieve an emotional response from the audience. Now you stand out among the thousands of YouTubers and video ads and other content. Competent storytelling is a key to effective communication with everyone. This is one of the significant steps in creating content that will make your company stand out and strive. Contact us to create one for your business.

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