How to Increase User Engagement with Animation Videos

Everyone knows that the conversion potential of video content surpasses that of any other marketing material, allowing companies to grow faster via increasing user engagement, making profits, and generating more leads. How to increase user engagement via quality explainer videos is what we discuss here.

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What is User Engagement?

As a rule, your video explainer user engagement indicates whether your users find value in a product or service you promote there. Engagement may be measured by a variety or mix of activities such as downloads clicks, shares, and more.

Why is User Engagement Analysis Important?

Increasing user engagement is impossible with a deep analysis. Since user engagement which is often called product engagement is aimed at measuring the activity of customer interaction with a product over time, it’s an important metric that presupposes a deep analysis of its criteria.

 User engagement is a very important metric for businesses to better understand user behavior and gauge the value that a product delivers to customers over time.


Your video engagement analysis helps you understand the value that users find in your product and define just where you are on the path to product success and where not. High engagement is essential to optimizing your product, creating more loyal customers, and driving company growth steadily.

Companies with an engagement strategy have a higher employee Net Promoter Score, which measures customer experience and predicts business growth.


When you’re sure that your explainer videos are high quality, but you’re still not achieving the level of performance you want, there are many other ways you can improve your conversion rate. Adding animation or motion design is one of them.

Strategies to Increase User Engagement with Animation

It’s more important than ever for your video engagement to find a way to grab and hold your audience’s attention. Explainer videos are a great way to increase audience engagement, but with 300 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, your video needs to stand out. Or if you place it on your website, it should be speedy and light enough to fit the mobile, etc.

There are lots of criteria, but either way, this is where animation can help. Also, there may be several content types you may use in your marketing strategy. But anyway, here are the ways to make it work:

1.     Make it professional

The great thing about creating an animated video is that not just anyone can do that on the spot, so by using it your business looks immediately more professional and trustful. Remember that for a start.

2.     Make it easy

Explainer videos are the easiest to understand for any type of business and audience. By animating something, you simplify it immediately. Even the dullest bites of stats will look attractive while animated, and easy to digest.

3.     Make it eye-catching

Animation is associated with movement, and movement is life. So, additionally, it uses bright colors, some simple lines figures, and its constant movement, which keeps us glued to the screen. Voila! It’s a perpetual motion machine for your business.

4.     Adjust for brand development

What’s more about the animation usage is that it allows you to additionally seamlessly incorporate logos, kinetic typography, color schemes, and brand images into your video.

5.     Adjust it for global appeal

There are no boundaries in applying videos for business. Your video can promote your business on your website, blog, via banner ads, and through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Vine. It’s even easier for you to capture your audience’s attention with the introduction of autoplay. These platforms are international and guarantee you a global marketplace with versatility and no boundaries.

Start increasing user engagement with animation

Not only can animated videos boost user engagement and brand awareness on social media, they can also boost your website visibility and so much more if applied right. But first, you need to create a professional video that has the power to at least catch the eye of your viewer. Choosing an awesome motion design team will be a good start. So, do not linger to contact one.


Thus, video is one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make to increase user engagement no matter what your business is. Achieve the absolute involvement of the viewer by watching the videos you produce and make it clear that further dialogue promises them to receive even more useful and valuable information. Quality engaging videos will be excellent marketing material, allowing you to grow faster via increasing user engagement, making profits, and generating more leads. Have a try. Do your best with our support.

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