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So, you’re onto crafting a killer video, but how do you make sure it doesn’t vanish into the YouTube abyss? Buckle up, fellow creators and brands, because we’ll discuss how you can help your videos appear in search results.

How to get your videos higher in search results?

Want your YouTube videos to rank higher? Easy! Create awesome videos that people love watching and want to talk about.

Aren’t you tired of advice like that? Like it’s that easy, right? We know. We have created tons of animated videos, and we know that it takes sweat and tears to get even the best video higher in search. Luckily, every time we do the optimization right, we learn something new. Now we are happy to share all that good stuff with you. So, read on and find out what can you do to help your videos appear in search results.

Nail Your Video Quality

The preparation stage is where the real magic happens. Picture it like sketching out your ideas in a comic book (that’s your storyboard). Then, imagine picking the perfect team (your crew) to bring your ideas to life. And, of course, there’s the money part – planning your budget so you can make your video dreams a reality without any surprises. 

Planning Your Production

Creating a jaw-dropping video starts with a solid plan and, in the case of multiple videos, a strategy. 

Do: Outline your purpose, organize your main points, and don’t hit the record without a game plan. 

Don’t: Wing it. With a plan, you can avoid creating a confusing mess. No one likes a mess.

Storyboarding for the Win

Storyboarding is your secret weapon in video creation, as it lets you imagine the whole reel immediately. 

Do: Use it as a visual roadmap to keep your video on track and your audience engaged. 

Don’t: Skip storyboarding. It’s the difference between a smooth narrative and a chaotic jumble of ideas.

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Source: RenderForest

Making Visuals and Audio Pop

Quality visuals and audio are your video’s VIP pass to viewer engagement. Consider the quality requirements beforehand, as these will define the required cameras and equipment. 

Do: Invest in clear graphics, engaging animations, and crisp sound to keep viewers glued. 

Don’t: Skimp on quality. Murky visuals and muffled audio are like a one-way ticket to Click-Away Land.

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Source: Vocal.media

Craft Titles that Turn Heads

Your title is the gateway to your video. You’d want to create click-worthy titles that are clear, concise, and intriguing. Your title should invite people in instead of turning them away.

Power Up with Keywords

Keywords are your video’s best friend in the search game. 

Do: Sprinkle relevant keywords in your title. Think about what your audience might be searching for. 

Don’t: Keyword stuff. Google’s not a fan; your audience will see through it, too.

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Source: StrangerShow (lots of great tips in their blog)

Descriptions: More Than Just Words

Your video’s description is a storytelling tool. Use it wisely and give people enough information to love your channel.

Do: Turn it into a story. Briefly summarize, drop key info, and make people curious enough to hit play. 

Don’t: Leave it blank or turn it into an essay. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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Calls to Action: Ask, and You Shall Receive

Interaction is the secret sauce for video success. Never miss using call-to-actions in any of your content, YouTube included. You’ll be surprised at the difference they make. 

Do: Ask for likes, shares, and subscribers; invite them to see your other videos and share questions and feedback in the comments.  

Don’t: Assume people will do it without a gentle nudge. We all need a little encouragement or even a simple reminder.

Choose the Right Platform

What you can do to help your videos appear in search results on your platform of choice? For starters, picking the right platform is crucial for the success of your content. 

Pick the best hosting for your explainer video that suits your content and audience. YouTube’s a giant, but others might be a better fit. 

Don’t blindly follow the crowd. Though this post is about YouTube, If your niche prefers Vimeo or Twitch, go where your people are and work your way up there.

Let’s explore some popular platforms, each with its unique vibe:

YouTube: The Global Stage

YouTube is like the Broadway of online videos, with a colossal audience. Ideal for educational animations and explainer videos, it caters to diverse interests and offers a chance to reach a massive global audience. Remember to optimize your content for search with the right keywords.

Instagram is the hip art gallery of the digital world. Best suited for short, visually appealing content, it’s perfect for captivating snippets of your explainer videos in social media. Leverage features like IGTV for longer videos and reels for quick, engaging teasers.

Twitch: The Interactive Arena

Twitch is the live performance space, perfect for engaging your audience in real time. Twitch could be your spotlight if your explainer video involves live Q&A sessions, demonstrations, or interactive elements.

Vimeo: The Artistic Haven

Vimeo is a curated indie film festival focusing on quality over quantity. It’s an excellent choice if you prioritize a more niche audience or your content leans towards the artistic side. Vimeo provides a clean, ad-free space for your video.

Each platform offers a distinct ambiance; choose the one that aligns with your content and resonates with your intended audience.

Make Head-turning Thumbnails

Your thumbnail is the first impression that counts. Craft a clear and eye-catching thumbnail. Yet, refrain from chasing the urge to create a misleading thumbnail. Nobody likes clickbait; it’s so last season.

Creating an eye-catching thumbnail is an art. Here’s a swift guide to nail it:

Visual Clarity

Keep it clear and concise. Bold, readable text and clutter-free visuals ensure viewers instantly get what your video is about.

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Source: InfluencerMarketingHub

Compelling Imagery

Choose a captivating image that teases the best part of your video. It’s the appetizer that sparks curiosity and promises value.

Consistent Branding

Maintain a visual theme. Consistent colors, fonts, and style across thumbnails build a brand identity that viewers can spot and trust.

Add Video Transcripts and Closed Captions

Accessibility is not just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. Add video transcripts and closed captions. It’s not just for accessibility; it boosts SEO too. Besides, you do want everyone (including the algorithm) to enjoy your content.

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Create a transcript of your video’s dialogue and text.
  2. Prepare closed captions (yourself or use YouTube’s auto-generated captions). However, manual captions are often more accurate.
  3. Upload your video as you usually would.
  4. Go to your YouTube Studio and find the Video Manager section.
  5. Find the reel you want to add captions to and click on it.
  6. In the left-hand menu, find the ‘Subtitles/CC’ tab. This is where you manage your video’s captions. 
  7. Click the “+ Add” button to add new subtitles or closed captions.
  8. Select the appropriate language for your captions.
  9. Please choose whether you want to upload a file (for a transcript you created) or transcribe and auto-sync the captions (this is where YouTube tries to match your spoken words with its automatic transcription).
  10. If you have a prepared transcript, upload the file. If you choose the auto-sync option, you’ll need to review and make any necessary corrections.
  11. Review the captions and edit any errors for accuracy.
  12. Once you’re satisfied with the captions, save your changes.
  13. Don’t forget to click the “Publish” button to make your captions visible to viewers.
  14. After publishing, play your video and ensure that the captions appear as expected.

Utilize Video Sitemaps

Suppose you host your videos on your website. In that case, you will need a roadmap for search engines to find them and get how they are related to each other. Create a video sitemap, and don’t forget to update it for your videos once every 6-12 months or whenever you make any changes. An outdated map is worse than no map.

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Source: Artlist

Optimize with Hashtags

Hashtags are your content’s wingman on social media. Use the top search requests for your topic, and consider creating branded hashtags. Consistent use builds your brand and makes you easy to find. Don’t go hashtag crazy, though. Keep it relevant; we’re not trying to break the internet here.

Share Smartly

Different platforms, different strokes. Fine-tune your content for each social media platform. Don’t just throw out the same content everywhere — it’s annoying, and nobody likes a spammer.

Curate Your Media

Identify where your desired audience is most active. For instance, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram can be highly effective for educational content.

Craft Engaging Teasers

Create short and captivating snippets or teasers of your video tailored for each platform. Social media users often engage more with concise, visually appealing content.

Engage with Your Audience

Respond to comments, ask questions, and encourage discussions. Social media is a two-way street; engagement builds a community around your content.

Cross-Promotion Magic

Collaboration is the name of the game. Collaborate with other creators to get your video in front of their audiences. Don’t be shy. The YouTube community is vast; tap into it.

You can also leverage influencers within your niche to promote your video. Influencers have established audiences, and their endorsement can introduce your content to a larger and more diverse viewer base.

In Conclusion

Boosting your video’s visibility is a journey, not a sprint. From planning to promotion, each step is a piece of the puzzle. So, fellow creators and brands, what can you do to help your videos appear in search results? Arm yourself with these tips, hit record, and let’s get those animations trending!

What are you waiting for? Just leave us a note, we’ll respond faster than Flash would do!

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