Youtube or Vimeo? How to Find the Best Hosting for Your Marketing Video

You’ve made a short explanation video about your company and its services. You’ve made it interesting, informative, clear, concise and it leaves no questions unanswered. Now you want to show it to as many people from your target audience as possible.

You need to choose a hosting service for your marketing video before you start your campaign. The biggest sites with web storage are YouTube and Vimeo. They contain clips of every major explainer video company on the internet. But which one is the best? These two resources are very different. Yes, both websites are for sharing video materials, but the approaches differ.


Google search results show YouTube videos first. YouTube is totally free. You don’t have to pay to use it, so many people are there. Your video will be seen by millions if they find it. There are so many users and so much content that most of it remain invisible to the public. So many companies post their videos there that most of them simply dissolve. Thousands of users spread low-quality content because it’s free.

This is a big problem. Now YouTube has paid subscriptions and other paid options.


You will have to pay for using all the features of this site. You can use it for free but you will have limited possibilities. You can upload only 500 Mb of data. You can have only one channel, one group, and three albums. You have only basic decoration tools for your page.
It shows no ads. Premium accounts support Vimeo completely.
You can sell your videos, rent them or make money from subscriptions. Because of this Vimeo doesn’t have as many users as YouTube. But content there is so much better. There are many professional animated videos for business and you can see some good examples.

Analytic tools

Both hostings provide various tools to analyze the statistics to optimize your content. On Vimeo, they are not free.

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