6 Video Marketing Trends in 2023

According to Vidyard, 94% of marketers consider video marketing to be a crucial part of their overall marketing plan. Video is increasingly essential to promote your company, connect with people, and stay competitive. We expect that these six biggest video marketing trends will dominate our online reality in the upcoming year.

6 Video Marketing Trends in 2023 20

Indeed, 80% of people prefer watching videos over reading text. With 87% of firms already using video as a marketing tool, it has emerged as the most popular business platform. Over 80% of marketers have reported using video as a lead-generation technique, according to recent research.

Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to interact with modern customers in the digital space. Videos have become the most popular and preferred type of content on almost all online platforms. Video marketing in 2023 is essential for every successful brand and company. From news feeds to social media and magazines, we like to watch videos everywhere since they transfer information faster and more effectively.

In 2023, brands can use the power of video marketing to drive audience engagement and increase conversions. You can read our blog post to find out about the advantages of video marketing for small business. Here we talk about the six most exciting and largest video marketing trends awaiting us next year.

1. Animated Explainer Videos

Animation has always been one of the most actionable marketing practices. Just remind of Mr. Clean — the mascot owned by Procter & Gamble. This animated hero first appeared on our screens in 1958. Over the decades, he still is one of the most memorable mascots in the cleaning goods industry. Mr. Clean is one of many examples of how animation can set a powerful brand image and stick to the customers’ hearts. With the constantly growing popularity of video social media giants like YouTube or TikTok, we simply cannot ignore trends in video marketing.

Among main video marketing trends 2023, we expect the growing popularity of animated explainer videos. Even today, lots of companies all over the world use animated videos to promote their products and services creatively, educate customers about how to use them, onboard new employees, and for dozens of other corporate and marketing purposes. We anticipate seeing even more benefits of animated explanatory videos for businesses across different industries. We like how Pipedrive has implemented it by hiring Explain Ninja to produce their short animated commercial.

2. More Live Video Streaming

Even though live video streaming has been popular before, it gains momentum in 2023 as well. We can’t ignore the massive power of Twitch TV that promotes live video streaming as the most engaging way to interact with the audience. On Twitch, it has started as game streaming. Although it has grown into a new content type gaining popularity among music performers, podcasters, and even yoga teachers!

Are you curious as to why live streaming is one of the most well-liked developments in 2023’s video marketing? It’s because intimacy, connection, and authenticity are at the heart of live video streaming. There are other methods outside sales talk that might help you connect with your audience.

People love to interact with influencers in almost real-time; it has become one of the major video trends 2023. It has become even more actual during the coronavirus lockdown when we all stay at home. For example, Huda beauty brand followed this trend by making a live video interview about her products with Bella Hadid. Influencers chase new video content trends of 2021, and businesses may use them as well.

3. 360-Degree Video Experiences Will Be Desired

Various video trends appear and vanish fast, and in the upcoming year, we will see the rise of 360-degree videos. Many companies use videos as a perfect tool for presenting their products and services. However, modern technologies offer us an even more immersive way to introduce products. There are 360-degree video experiences.

They create a feeling that customers try a product before purchasing it. 360-degree videos constitute a new visual experience for consumers that can help brands earn their loyalty. 98% of consumers say 360-degree videos are more exciting compared to other formats of videos. A great instance is a 360-degree video advertisement produced by Hong Kong Airlines. No doubt, this is one of the greatest examples of futuristic clips aligned with video advertising trends of 2023.

4. Shoppable Videos Will Make A Big Splash

Another big video marketing trend rushing to us in 2023 is shoppable videos. They allow consumers to buy products right on the spot. These videos include a button leading viewers to a store where they can easily complete a purchase. Shoppable videos are mostly used on social media, becoming one of the biggest marketplaces on the web. This type of video content in 2021 is a must for every company.

People don’t need to search for the product manually after they watched your video ad. They can now simply click on the product in the video to be immediately re-directed to the landing page. Video marketing in 2023 is an impressive tool to boost your sales, and you should try it out.

5. Longer Storytelling Will Rule Engagement

People are engaged by stories that seem true and real. Long storytelling in video marketing adds the feeling of “reality” and trustworthiness to videos. Today, long video-ads are becoming even more popular and widely used.

Big brands like Subaru, Toyota, Adidas, and others produce advertisements that look like short movies bringing the story of usual people to the table and showcasing how the brand can help everyone in their daily lives. This type of video advertising is less promotional and more engaging since it’s typically more about customers themselves rather than about products. It is one of the video industry trends that may help gain more trust from your audience and future customers.

A literally fantastic example is Zendesk’s video. You can enjoy it below.

6. Vloggers Will Become Even More Popular

Vlogging is becoming one of the most loved ways to interact with a target audience. Before, we have seen the trend of personal vlogging. People liked to document their life in regular videos to share their expertise, interact with other people, or express themselves. However, today, big influencers and even big brands start using vlogging to interact with their customers too.

Companies create their channels on YouTube where they share their daily routine, the team members’ stories, secret recipes, behind-the-scenes situations, and updates about their new products or services, of course. An excellent example is a YouTube channel by the beauty brand Goop. They embrace all the modern trends in video marketing and use them to promote their products.

6 Video Marketing Trends in 2023 21
Source: Goop

Some brands also combine vlogging and “executive” influencer marketing. It means that brand leaders act like influencers and publish videos, in which they share their tips and personal experiences with their followers, slightly promoting the brand at the same time. Among all the video production trends of 2023, this one seems the most sincere and close to the company’s audience. It shows that simple people like us behind corporations and brands, and everyone can relate to them.

Wrapping It Up

Here is a full overview of the largest and most exciting video marketing trends expected in 2023. Animated explainer videos, live video streaming, 360-degree videos, shoppable videos, long video storytelling, and vlogging mixed with influencer marketing — all of these tendencies will dominate our screens very soon. We hope that this article will inspire you to rethink your digital marketing strategy, incorporate these trends, and really enjoy how they work for your audience in the New Year.

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