5 Animation Styles You Should Consider Using for Your Business

Animation isn’t just 2D or 3D moving pictures or elements you see on a website or mobile app. It’s way more than that. If you want to make your designs stand out and create rockstar apps or websites, you’ll need to add various animation styles and be good at mixing them.

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So which animation types are in demand now and will surely help you create awesome UI / UX designs? Keep reading — you’ll see a lot of cool stuff!

Silhouette Animation

Silhouette animation is an effective tool used broadly in video marketing. In this animation style, dark silhouettes are shown on a contrasting background. Its roots come from shadow theatres and then the movie industry. Plus, it’s got a great aesthetic outlook — you won’t ever lose trying this kind of animation.

Although it can be time-consuming to use particular approaches, silhouette animation is worth trying and, in most cases, easy to execute if using standard techniques. 

What are the key advantages of silhouette animation?

  • It’s perfect for low-budget production.
  • This animation style helps create unique content,
  • It’s a memorable, attention-grabbing technique.

Live-animated video

This is a useful technique for creating explainer videos or adding a more creative touch to your projects.

Live-animated video creators take an ordinary recording and add extra elements to them. The most obvious example is adding body parts to fruit or vegetables — just like you saw in the Annoying Orange video series.

One of the main perks is that you can combine various styles and elements to create more informative, detailed, and exciting content. It increases user engagement and makes such videos more pleasant to watch. This way, users will comprehend more, and you’ll add extra value to your recordings. Plus, it makes your videos more playful and less formal.  

Animated Infographic

This is another way to liven up your educational project or website. You’re free to combine charts, graphs, text boxes, and other elements containing any data. Such animation helps lower the cognitive load of users, facilitates the flow of information, and makes the overall perception process friendlier and easier to interact with.

Plus, animated infographics are now widely used almost everywhere. Even if your project isn’t educational, you can still add this animation type to display various information to users. This can be used to show the level of sales growth, progress tracking, or survey results.

Animation is a great way to highlight the most notable moments, easily catch users’ eyes, and bring your website to life.

Screencast animation

This type of animation is also perfect for product videos to explain in more detail how a particular feature or service works. Screencast animation creators add captions and voice-over narration to give your solution a detailed overview. With that, viewers see either a slideshow, videos, or pictures. 

This animation style is a great option as it helps improve the level of understanding of your solution. Combining audial and visual elements, users comprehend more, get a chance to see how the product looks and works, and eventually receive an explanation from the actual product users.

Flipbook animation 

A flipbook is an actual book with multiple static images. Once you start flicking through the pages fast, they create an animated short story. This is an eye-catching animation style used in video marketing or educational videos and can be a perfect alternative to usual paper-based documents, presentations, or catalogs.

Some of the key advantages of flipbook animation include the following:

  • Ease of use
  • High responsiveness on all devices
  • Ease of sharing
  • Better visual data representation
  • The capability of SEO optimization
  • High flexibility

Flipbook animation can increase user engagement, make big piles of data more comprehensive and easy to read, and ensure significant savings on content creation. 

Final words

Animation is a powerful marketing tool that will help you generate more user engagement, educate, and liven up big piles of data. It’s a great thing to add to your projects, apps, and websites — to help users learn more about the company and improve their UX.

If you don’t know much about animation styles but want to implement them in your UI / UX designs, you know where to find the answers. Our Explain Ninja team creates videos just for that matter! We’ll help you add value to your products and communicate the right message to your costumes. Plus, if you want us to create an explainer video for your company, just reach out to us, and we’ll figure it out!

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