How to Create an Awesome FAQ Video

According to Forrester research, FAQs are today’s most used self-service marketing mechanism.  With a growing number of customers who prefer customer self-service tools to traditional customer support channels in any company from any industry, having a well-organized FAQ section on a corporate website has gone from an option to a simple necessity. Why not make it a section with highly engaging faq videos? We’ll try our best to respond to all of your inquiries and give you the information, advantages, and guidance you require to produce an outstanding FAQ video explainer.

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What is an FAQ video?

Videos featuring frequently asked questions (FAQs) being addressed by subject matter experts is a popular marketing strategy for relaying information. These films can be set up to ask a single question or a series of questions. Normally they’re placed on a web page that provides brief responses to consumer inquiries. In order to help people access information fast, the replies should be succinct and straightforward, so should the videos. You can respond to frequently asked questions about your brand from your consumers and followers or even stakeholders with an awesome FAQ video.

How to create an FAQ video

The format of FAQ films might vary slightly, but the fundamental idea is always the same, whether you utilize only text, a spokesperson, or a series of humorous skits. A FAQ film constantly raises questions about your business that are commonly asked and makes an effort to provide the best available answers.

The FAQ page design aims to save time for both the customer and employees. Same’s with the video faqs. You need to create them to make the users lives as easier as possible save time and effort. For that, you need to take several steps.

Find your most frequently asked questions!

You should first compile frequently asked questions in order to create the most useful FAQ video. Several ways to find FAQs include:

  • reviewing inquiries sent by email and support tickets,
  • posing the most frequent inquiries to the staff,
  • making polls that your social media audience can take part in.

You should also decide how many FAQ videos you’ll produce. We advise creating a FAQ video for each topic and categorizing frequently asked questions into those areas.

Draft your answers

When all the questions have been addressed, make sure your script clearly explains the solutions. To avoid saturating the audience with superfluous information, refrain from providing answers that are too in-depth. Be succinct and to the point.

Write a clear script

The easiest sort of video to create, screencasts include a voiceover, your recorded screen, and often a friendly face or avatar. But if you produce an awesome explainer video with well-versed script and incredible characters, you must write a script first. A voice actor and actor will also be needed after.

Use a professional actor

Live-action videos require studio space, real acting or charismatic staff. So, if you need your faq video to look professional, use a professional actor to help you with the answers via your brand questions video.

Secure your filming location

You’ll probably require a permit if you need to film in a well-known, open, or historical location. If not, then things will be easier. But anyway, you need to secure a location for the video if you’re going to shoot a film without using animated video. Your film commission is the best place to start, and we can advise you on whom to contact in particular to obtain the papers you require.

Incorporate additional visuals

If you don’t want any faces to be captured on camera or don’t have the proper camera equipment and want to try motion design for an animated video explainer, you need to pick the top additional visuals. Do it with Explain Ninja. If you decide to make it animated, you normally need to engage at least 2D animators and graphic artists for animated videos.

Upload to both your website and YouTube

Upload FAQ videos to social media, your own website, YouTube, and Vimeo. From there, you may upload them to your website, help files, and welcome emails or more.

Benefits of FAQ videos

Questions and answers video bring undeniable use to your business in many ways. If you use this tool on a large scale, the FAQ section can greatly add value to your customers and bring many other benefits to your company. Here are the most popular reasons why you should incorporate amazing videos in your faq section instead of ordinary answers.

People prefer watching videos

According to researchers, our brains digest images about 60,000 times more quickly than words. Our brains enjoy viewing videos because of this.

During this time, music videos, comedies, and viral videos, as well as tutorial or how-to films, are the most widely seen forms of videos. The audience is more engaged and interested in video than other forms of material, and it also makes the subject matter much clearer than written or static content. 

Builds brand loyalty

Video consistently scores higher than other search results online; 62% of Google queries contain videos. Your website’s visibility will rise if you add video to it, which means more people, will view it, which will increase engagement and brand awareness, and building profound brand loyalty. There will always be questions that need to be answered in any position, at any firm, or in any relationship, and a lot of the time they seem to be redundant. A video FAQ can address frequently asked questions so you don’t have to.

Improves SEO

More FAQ sections can help improve site navigation, increase its overall SEO ranking in search engines, and improve customer experience. When conducting digital marketing that is intended to address the queries of potential clients, you can employ this kind of video content.

In order to nurture prospects who visit your website or sign up for your email list but haven’t yet purchased your product or service or to pleasantly surprise customers who have already ordered your product or service but have additional questions, you could employ a FAQ video.

Reduce support calls

Not only is it one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to reduce the workload of your customer support managers, it helps to sort out all the repetitive questions about your company’s products and services so that these questions do not reach your specialists, needlessly wasting their precious time.

Using FAQ videos, you can be there for your clients when they need you the most. Sales will increase with a kind face and straightforward responses, and your sales and support employees will experience less stress on calls and other communication as a result.

When should I use an FAQ video?

When a customer is making a decision or after they have already made a purchase, FAQ videos are excellent for providing quick answers to pertinent queries. The use of video for informational and commercial purposes is just great. A moving image allows you to visually demonstrate a product, present a service, show the process from the inside and reveal the content of the product. But with FAQs it becomes even more useful for the customers and the whole business pipeline. Large online stores have long adopted video content. Many retailers apply it. Indeed, the usage is wide and no matter the industry, each has an extensive FAQ list for answering.

Having a FAQ video means your viewer will be almost ten times more likely to recall the answer, preventing them from asking again, because a viewer will retain 95% of a message watched via video compared to just 10% while reading it.

Best FAQ videos

A good FAQ video is unambiguous, precise, and genuinely respond to the queries of your viewers. Here’s a question video top list to view and understand better what that is and which issues they can answer.

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Produced with Remote Directed Video by Thoughtcast Media. 

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You always get consumer questions, no matter what business you run. Everything from sincere queries about how your goods or services operate to trolls looking to stir up trouble. Every business owner, for instance, has experienced at least one irate client calling to complain about something that was actually their own fault but just needed to vent. Questions for videos will help to recoup.


Since scientists say our brains process visuals faster than text, that’s why our brains love watching videos. Yes, this means you can be there for your customers via a FAQ video all day long, every day, with a smile on your face to answer queries from others.  That’s it, otherwise, you risk losing out on time and business. If you decide to make it animated, you normally need to engage at least 2D animators and graphic artists for animated videos. A script and, in some situations, a storyboard are required. Animation design requires a lot of work, thus, it should only be utilized sometimes for explainer videos and not for all of your knowledge base articles. Ready to make your first FAQ video? Choose faq video production service that will do it better.

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