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Welcome, 4K explainer videos!

September 8, 2016

We are happy to meet you in the new business season. Our team is happy to introduce new offer – creating the video for business in 4K resolution standard!

Using of this resolution purports the delivery of the video with length 4000 pixels and height 2000 pixels. It allows creating the competitive animation and action ads as its quality is twice higher than using traditional HDTV cameras and camcorders.

The 4K format began its commercial life in 2003 when Dalsa Origin presented the first camera with the support for 4K. Some years after introduction Youtube started implementation of 4K standard on its website.

The latest achievements in this sphere are starting of Ultra HD television and movie broadcasting around the world. The number of the devices with its support is increasing. Our company can’t stay away from the tendency and announces the 4K video animation for business. We use the modern shooting equipment and software based on VP9 encoding to reach the desired quality.

Our professional team has just tested and selected the most winning characters, features, and technologies which match with new reality challenges. So if you want to impact at the target progressive audience your task is only to call us and order the creation of innovative video animation for business and get the winning 4K explainer movie.

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