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As a fantastic animated design studio, Explain Ninja has become one of Poland’s most trusted and influential animation studios over the years. Since then, the team has shipped projects for over 200 companies worldwide, including Kidkin, Pipedrive, Codio, MyTaxi, Huawei, Google, Atlassian, SwissFinLab, and so many others.  Here you have a chance to look through some of them and get inspired for awesome animated video design ideas for your business. Enjoy it!

Our Works Top Compilation You Should See 20
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15 Best Animated Explainer Videos Overview

The company delivers a full spectrum of animated video art production services that cover project research, scriptwriting, visual story concepts, storyboarding, illustrations, animation, voiceover, and sound design. One of the key peculiarities of animated videos by Explain Ninja is an excellent sense of humor, outstanding character design, and an exciting script.

1) City of Armanino

One of our latest video explainers was made in Cinema 4D. Look through a shot from our new video for Armanino or check out the full project on Behance.

2) Meilisearch

Here’s a little snip from a cool one explainer video we did for Meilisearch – an open-source search API. You can watch the full video on Vimeo.

3) Avalara

One of our best explainer videos, a piece made for the Avalara project. Feel free to enjoy the dynamic and meaningful animation.

4) Firewatch Turnaround Animation

Here’s an amazing animated design piece made for one of the designer’s recent illustrations. Explain Ninja produces high-quality motion graphic samples for any project type.

5) Blue planet

Blue planet is another shot from the last new video created for Medusa. Check out the full best animation video version any time.

6) Spearline

Spearline is another best explainer video made by the team for a fun project. Here’s a part of the video we did.

7) Vishay

You can watch the full video on Vimeo or Behance. Enjoy some shots from one of our recent videos for Vital here.

8) Parents Logo Animation

The team also creates incredible animated logos, alongside UI. Parents Logo Animation is one of our cool animation videos of the educational app for young parents, from an award-winning design creator with the best logo design.

9) Deepcrawl

This one is a simple explainer video for Deepcrawl – technical SEO for smart social media marketing helping you tackle challenges, take charge of your page development and accelerate your positions.

 10) Zalando Lounge

Recently we’ve completed a few videos for Zalando Lounge. It was an exciting experience and here is a short piece from it. To check the whole version, go to Vimeo

11) Opengear: Campus

Video explainers are often the best visual narrative examples. Backed up with beautiful animation design or motion graphics, they cater the information to the target fast and sharp. This video is about the importance of network resilience at the university campus.

12) Swiss Fin Lab

SwissFinLab has been one of the best clients where we had a chance to introduce an explainer video for a fintech startup. It’s an engaging animated video that promotes their ZOA service.

13) Aspiration

Here we created an animated explainer video for Aspiration, a mobile banking app for investing, charity, and retirement savings.

14) Zoominfo Engage

We’ve also produced an explainer video for ZoomInfo, a B2B database that helps businesses identify, connect, and close customers. Here you may have a look at it.

15) CrowdSec

One of the best-animated explainer videos is the CrowdSec cybersecurity animation video. Here’s a little part of it for you to enjoy.


Here, at Explain Ninja people know that the majority of folks often belong to visuals and enjoy both highly functional and beautifully designed video explainers for their business or any other purpose: education, promotion, advertising, entertainment, training, etc. So, by reviewing the top quality 2D and 3D animation videos designed for various purposes, including the latest best animation videos from our portfolio you will have much fun and get great benefits while picking the team for your next project. Take your time. Contact us for a start.

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