5 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos for the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Industry

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is booming today. The ICO’s technologies, new conversion portals, and trading platforms have become the subject of heightened interest among business owners across different industries. We can also see the wave of engagement and an increasing number of non-tech-savvy newcomers interested in blockchain technology

The blockchain space promises us a lot of opportunities for today and the future. Although it’s a very perspective and interesting exploration area, it’s also difficult to understand for non-techies. Hence, almost every ICO and blockchain development company may face the challenge of explaining its concepts and innovations to potential clients in an easy-to-understand manner. So, what’s the solution? The answer may be hidden in animated explainer videos for business.

Advantages of Blockchain Explainer & ICO Marketing Videos

5 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos for the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Industry 20
Animation by Explain Ninja

Custom blockchain and ICO software development companies can significantly benefit from animated explainer videos and increase customer engagement by presenting their solutions creatively. Let’s consider the five most important advantages of cryptocurrency animation and blockchain explainers for business.

Spark Excitement to Your ICO’s

We tend to believe in what we see and purchase what we understand well. Explanatory videos may help raise the customer’s interest, introducing blockchain development services and solutions in an engaging way. Animated videos for business have become the new marketing trend in 2020 and are expected to gain momentum in 2021 as well. 

They empower brands to stand out from the crowd, build customer loyalty, and innovate marketing. Animated explainers are a versatile marketing practice that may be successfully and organically applied in email campaigns, social media advertising, your website’s homepage, at the conferences and tradeshows. 

Provide a Viewer-Friendly Explanation of Complex Innovations

Animated commercials and blockchain explainer videos allow communicating even the most complicated ideas and business concepts in a simple and easy-to-consume form. The benefits of your blockchain solutions or ICO development services can be creatively described and explained in a few-minute animated video. 

Broken down into fun animated scenes and introduced by memorable heroes, complex concepts may become much easier to understand for potential customers without professional expertise in the IT and blockchain industry. A great example of an animated explainer for business is the video produced for Swiss Fin Lab by Explain Ninja.

Establish a Strong Online Business Presence

Blockchain introduction videos can help build a robust online presence and establish a powerful brand image. You can produce an animated video for your business, applying all the branding principles and materials. For example, your video may start with a beautifully animated logo and your brand name. The blockchain introductory video may also feature your branding colors, company’s values, and the top competitive advantages. Like the cherry on top, it can be wrapped with a creative call to action and contact information. All these components may help increase your brand awareness and recognizability.

Reach a Wider Market of Interested Users

5 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos for the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Industry 21

Illustration by Explain Ninja

One of the most powerful advantages of animated marketing videos is their sharability. As one of the most popular types of multi-format content, they are easily sharable across the web and social media channels. They constitute not only informational but also entertaining and aesthetical values, that’s why they evoke higher interest and engagement in the media and may help your company reach a broader audience of interested users. 

Increase the Consumer Base

Animated videos are capable of covering larger audiences than any other content type. It leads to the point that they can help your brand to be heard and noticed by millions of people. Precise targeting of social media advertising may help your custom-tailored video reach the right audience with the answers to the right questions. Consequently, it may help increase a consumer base and generate more sales and leads like these 5 top brands.

Wrapping It Up

Animated explainer videos are a powerful tool for customer engagement and acquisition. They may enable your company to build a powerful brand image, explain complex business concepts in a simple form, and introduce your services to the clients. Explainers can become a powerful advantage of your digital marketing strategy and promote your blockchain development business creatively in the over-saturated online space. 

Are you looking for an experienced animated video production company to partner on creating the next remarkable blockchain explainer video for your business? Contact our team at Explain Ninja. With over a decade of experience in business, we served around 400 startups and global brands like Google, Rolls Royce, and Pipedrive. Our creative directors, animators, and producers can take you through a complete video production process that spans briefing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, creating illustrations, voice-over, and animation.

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