Explain Ninja Hits The Top Leaders in the Explainer Video Production Industry in Poland

In July 2020, Clutch.co has updated Leaders Matrix featuring the top animated explainer video companies in Poland. Explain Ninja has appeared among the top leaders in the industry competition.

The whole business world is now attempting to revive after the Coronavirus pandemic and overcome the challenges of the recession. Startups, SMBs, and enterprises are actively seeking new ways of brand promotion to draw public attention, acquire new customers, and beat the competition in the digital world. The video is recognized as one of the most effective sales and marketing mediums in the online landscape.  

An Animated Video: A Versatile Sales & Marketing Medium in The Digital World

To stay ahead of the competition and not miss a chance of winning the audience’s attention, companies should consider incorporating video into their digital marketing strategies. Animated videos, teaser videos, explanatory videos, product demos, sales videos, whiteboard videos, app demo videos, customer onboarding videos, social media videos, and more – there are many ways modern businesses can apply animation to promote their products and services engagingly and creatively. The video format has become a versatile means of brand awareness and conversions online.

Explain Ninja Hits The Top Leaders in the Explainer Video Production Industry in Poland 20
Animation for Bolt by Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja Ranks as The Top Leader in Explainer Video Production

Driven by the mission to help brands grow in the online world, Explain Ninja, an animated explainer video production company, creates stylish animation and quality videos for businesses across different industries. In 2020, its team’s corporate talent and effort have been highly evaluated by client companies and featured by B2B market analytics teams. 

Thanks to its recent achievements, Explain Ninja has been rated among the Top Poland Explainer Video Production Companies in the Leaders Matrix on Clutch.co. In July 2020, this authoritative B2B ranking platform has published an updated list of the best animated explainer video production companies in Poland. According to recent data, Explain Ninja leads this competition.

Explain Ninja Hits The Top Leaders in the Explainer Video Production Industry in Poland 21
Animation for Bolt by Explain Ninja

About Explain Ninja: The Team, Processes, Approaches

Explain Ninja brings together talented and high-professional animators, illustrators, producers, and voice artists. It is an animation & explainer video production studio headquartered in Warsaw, the heart of Poland. Most of the team members have been working at the studio since its establishment in 2013 and are capable of taking up projects of even the highest complexity. 

The studio provides a complete video production process, including briefing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, creating illustrations, voice-over, and animation. According to client feedback, the team guarantees and implements an individual approach to your business goals. You can check Explain Ninja’s portfolio here.

Explain Ninja Hits The Top Leaders in the Explainer Video Production Industry in Poland 22
Animation for Bolt by Explain Ninja


Explain Ninja has produced hundreds of animated videos for small and big brands all over the globe, including Google, Rolls-Royce, Atlassian, Codio, Bolt, My Taxi, Swiss Fin Lab, and others. Today, Explain Ninja is also actively collaborating with other creative marketing studios, advertising agencies, and directly with brands worldwide and is open to new amazing projects. If you’d like to discuss collaboration with Explain Ninja, don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected].

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