Animated Videos: The Business Trend You Shouldn’t Miss in The New Normal

For those who’re seeking how to gain customer loyalty, make a business stand out in the digital space, and build a powerful brand regardless of a recession. Here I’m sharing just a few helpful tips and ideas on how animated marketing videos can help do it. 

Businesses all over the world ask the same questions: How to revive and survive in the new, more digital normal? How to engage customers and gain their loyalty? How to grow conversion rates regardless of the challenges caused by a post-pandemic period? In this article, I’m going to help you answer these and many other questions about business survival and customer engagement in the new market conditions dictated by an economic downturn. 

Have you thought that cartoons are just for kids? No, we, adults, adore them too. Animated videos have become a popular digital marketing trend, particularly now, when customers need more help, support, and empathy. Many forward-thinking brands across the globe have already unlocked the sales and marketing power of animated explainer videos for business. Some business and marketing experts even say that an animated explainer video is essential to a product marketing strategy. Let’s consider here why. 

Explainer Videos Support a Customer Support Team

Explanatory videos can help unload your customer service team. Instead of long explanations on how to complete particular action with your product or service, your support team representative may redirect the customer to an appropriate short animated video in the FAQ section on your website. 

Have you already investigated the most common cases and challenges consumers may face when using your software or product? Probably, it’s difficulties during account registration or product set up. Your company can produce animated explainer videos to answer all the most frequently asked questions. 

You may think that’s quite expensive. It’s actually not, particularly when it comes to animated videos that are much cheaper than live-motion video production. Plus, you should consider how much time and effort of your customer help team you may save investing in animated video-explainers. They may help “support” your support team, improve customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and retention. 

For instance, LinkedIn created an animated video to explain to users how they can report on content. 

Mobile App Demos Attract New Users Even Before App Launch

If you’re going to launch a mobile application, you may look for ways to tell your target audience about it. Today, developers start testing animated videos for pre- and post-launch marketing campaigns and see amazing results. Animated mobile app demos attract new users and help keep the buzz around a new app before and after its launch. 

In an animated video, you can demonstrate your mobile app features, functionalities, and competitive advantages. Tell the public why your digital product is better than dozens of alternatives available in the app store in a stylish and fun animated video, and you’ll be amazed by the fast-increasing number of downloads. 

An excellent example is an animated mobile app demo video produced by Explain Ninja for Boostation, a mobile clean master app.

Animated Commercials as an Unsalesy Way to Promote a Brand

Wouldn’t like to look too salesy when promoting your brand or new products to the audience? Then an animated commercial is likely the most optimal option. It engages people, provides visual satisfaction, gives them fun, and… promotes your brand unobtrusively.

The animation makes people listen to what your brand says because it keeps their attention, sticks to the memory, and creates a lasting impression. It allows transferring your company’s ideas and concepts more effectively. And animation does it more effectively than any other means of promotion because it interacts with customer perception at the visual and audio levels simultaneously.

Just look at how Spotify has implemented it.

Animated Product Demo Videos Can Help Startups Enter the Market

Startups may wonder how to introduce a new product in the most engaging and creative way possible. When reading this article, you may already guess the answer. Yes, that’s product explainer videos. You can demonstrate your product features, zoom almost invisible components, show contexts in which your product can help people, and (what’s most important) reveal your brand style and remarkable personality in an animated video. 

A product demo video is an excellent way to intrigue an audience before a product launch, evoke their interest in your brand and acquire new customers. Today, many animated video production companies offer plenty of amazing visual effects that can emphasize your product’s uniqueness.

Especially, I liked how PayPal has implemented it. This incredible mix of live-motion and animation made me enjoy PayPal’s introduction.

Customer Onboarding Videos Improve Customer Experience 

You may significantly increase customer loyalty to your brand and make a positive first impression by greeting customers with an animated onboarding video on your digital product user interface, homepage, welcome email, or adding it to a UI tooltip. 

Customers may expect the brand to help them navigate through a complex and unfamiliar product interface. A fun and engaging animated video may be exactly what you’ve been looking to level up your customer onboarding experience. Empathize with your customers, show that your company isn’t indifferent to their challenges, and is always combat-ready to assist them. A good example of an onboarding video is Slack’s quick start guide for new users.

Animated Explainer Videos Make Learning Entertaining

Moreover, an animated explainer video is an excellent way to transfer complex concepts and ideas in an easy-to-understand form. Companies can use animated videos to educate customers on how to use new products or features and train employees. Thanks to its fun and cartoony format, animated educational videos make learning entertaining, enjoyable, and more effective. When we learn something and have fun at the same time, we consume and remember information much faster and more efficiently, don’t we?

It seems that the Tech Insider team was aware of these secrets and produced a series of animated educational videos for its readers. You can see one of them below.

An Animated Video: a Helpful Component of a Strong Marketing Strategy

Animation gives more fresh air to a digital marketing strategy and brand presentation in the online world. Startups, small businesses, and even large corporations like Microsoft have leveraged animated marketing videos in their marketing campaigns and seen incredible results in terms of brand awareness and conversions, so why shouldn’t you? An animated explainer video may help your brand acquire an outstanding style and voice. 

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