Explainer Video Publishing

The following step after the web video production is its publishing and subsequent analysis. Where and how will you publish your video? In addition to famous Facebook and YouTube, the other platforms partly depend on the main message and target audience. Your explainer video should be available and easily accessible to your customers.
Let’s have a closer look at the publishing platforms:

  • The home page of your website. Keep the video at the top of the page so that it can be seen easily and viewers won’t have to scroll the page down to see it. Ask your explainer video company to place it properly. Remember that a welcoming video gives a better understanding of a product and shows its main benefits.
  • Video-sharing (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.). This is a good idea to reach an audience who doesn’t know your product or web-site especially is your business needs lots of video tutorials. If you have little experience, watch the best explainer videos on YouTube to figure out their advantages and marketing secrets.
  • Social networks. Social networks especially Instagram and Facebook strengthen the message and give an insight into a product. If you use Instagram, moving images (for example, a car in motion, hairdressing or building works) are much more effective than just a photo. You can make a short video showing your services in motion.
  • Trade show displays. If you take part in a trade show, always make a video for it. It will attract visitors to your booth and it’s easier to demonstrate your product without missing important details.
  • Video emails. Video production agencies advise companies to send their explainer videos via email to business partners and potential customers. It’s an additional encouragement for them to give you a call. By the way, many software vendors have free trial versions of their products, so you can assess the marketing results of your video using business process management software and its tools for bulk email campaigns.

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