Project Management Tools for Video Production

Production is the video project phase when the product is being created and prepared for distribution or transfer to the customer. If you’re a PM in film production, you will surely need some helpful project management tools for video production to organize the workflow in a better way.

Project Management Tools for Video Production 20
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How to Plan and Manage Projects Timely?

You still have to organize the creative process of filmed and edited commercials, demos, or explainer videos ready to be broadcast on TV or posted on YouTube via specific software developed, especially for effective project management to optimize the workflow, manage time, etc.

Your developed video content transferred to clients for implementation and further work out may be carried out with the technical support of the apps you pick for project management if any.

Let’s check out, using the example of creating a promotional video, what kind of project management tool may be required to get a complete, finished product that meets the criteria for success together with the team.

Top Project Management Tool for Video Production List

When there’s a need to select and focus on multiple tasks and projects with great effectiveness for your production process, look at the leading tools for managing various types of projects. They are universal. Also, if you have your own opinion on any system – feel free to add it in the comments.


This is an optimal tool for teams of 15-20 people: web studios, designers, photographers, videographers, and marketing agencies like it very much. It is convenient to conduct marketing planning and operational management: manage tasks and the product. Allows you to automate the coordination and approval of work too.

2) Jira

Again and again, Jira fits everything. The system is tailored for any development department; it can be used by any number of employees, including large teams of over 100 people. Most often used as a bug tracker. Even though the implementation takes a significant amount of time, and if the team is not technical, it takes some effort to manage it.

3) Trello

The most colorful task tracker for the most creative teams and small departments of 10-15 people will be great software for creative production teams. As well as for personal use as a project planner. The system is easy to implement, and the interfaces are visually colorful and straightforward, understandable even for people far from project management. However, it is not suitable for large-scale projects. Mind that.

4) GanttPro

The number one system for those who love Gantt charts and data visualization. It is rather optimal for IT, marketing, consulting, construction, for teams of 15-20 people. But it’s also a good tool for analytics and visualization of project data for a manager, who then shares it with the whole team or other stakeholders.

5) ClickUp

It’s a drop of fresh air. As a project management tool for video production or any other project management, the system, and task tracker is worthy for small creative startups. Less commonly used as a bug tracker like Jira, for example. The interfaces are intuitive, and implementation is quick and easy. The primary functions can be dealt with in one hour. They say it’s next to outrun Jira.

6) Monday

If you have a sales team. This is a perfect solution for the sales department with 71 board templates. Monday is a collaboration and project management platform. It is most often used in sales and marketing departments to control the completion of tasks using Workflow, optimize the sales funnel, and as a CRM. A simple and intuitive tool to use anyway.

7) Notion

Notion is suitable for creative teams of 10-15 people, as well as for personal use. Intuitive interfaces, fast implementation. It combines many tools: Kanban boards and knowledge bases, documents and to-do lists, notes, and tables. In terms of working with documents and notes, it can replace Google Docs and Evernote. They are often used by designers.


If you have a project management system and don’t like it or find it unsuitable for production teams, change it easily. There are plenty of great tools to choose from. The leaders are on the list.  Because there are many them in the world, and for sure there is one that suits you personally.

The main thing is to decide what you want. And see which system best suits your needs. There is no need to demand a Gantt chart from a simple task tracker or complex financial reports from a bug tracker, and so on. For creative teams, of course, the most tools preferred by designers will be the most optimal choice. And the choice is yours. Take your time. Good luck!

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