Animated Videos in Digital Marketing for B2B: Why It’s Worth Investing

In this article, we’re considering why it’s worth investing in animated explainer video production if you’re a B2B company. Hopefully, you’ll find these practices and insights useful for your business. 

Animated Videos in Digital Marketing for B2B: Why It’s Worth Investing 20
Illustration by Magda

The digital market is exhausted by too direct advertising, promotional pitches, and salesy talks. Although we might expect that the B2B world is more perceptual to direct sales pitches that provide immediate information about the product or service and drive faster decision-making, the reality shows us different. Whether it’s the B2B or B2C world, modern customers strive to receive more engaging and fun experiences when interacting with the company online. 

What’s the answer? It lies in a masterful combination of marketing, entertainment, and customer values into one explosive mix bringing success and conversions to businesses. One of the best and most effective ways to implement it is animated marketing videos. They are a versatile means of delivering complicated information to customers in an entertaining and easy-to-consume way. Here we’ll overview the key reasons to incorporate an animated video in your B2B marketing strategy.

An effective tool for conversions from online advertising

Animated Videos in Digital Marketing for B2B: Why It’s Worth Investing 21
The scene from an animated video created by Explain Ninja for Pipedrive

Many companies use animated videos in online advertising and social media to explain how their products or services can be useful for customers. The animation makes magic when it comes to advertising, indeed. It is a super-engaging content type that drives potential customers’ interest and motivates them to learn more about the brand.

It delivers a marketing message creatively, straightforwardly, and within several minutes. The prospect shouldn’t even read the advertisement or follow the link to learn more about the product, as everything is explained in a short animated video. The customer’s in-depth understanding of the product or services increases the chances of receiving quick conversions.

A creative way to introduce your brand to customers

Animated marketing videos can help you increase brand awareness. They are easily shareable, entertaining, and fun (if your animated video production partner has a good sense of humor). An animated explanatory video can serve as a perfect medium for communicating your brand’s ideas, values, and mission to a target audience. 

People love animated videos because they bring not only information but also entertainment. It turns them into one of the fastest shared content types on the web. The mechanism is as simple as 1, 2, 3. People enjoy it, they want their friends to enjoy it too, they share it on social media, and voila! Your brand awareness is growing at light speed. 

An extraordinary presentation of your business to investors and partners

Animated Videos in Digital Marketing for B2B: Why It’s Worth Investing 22
A scene from the animated video created by Explain Ninja for Indemandly

Do you want to amaze your partners or potential investors with a creative presentation of your business idea? An animated video is likely one of the best ways to do it. Animation drives the human interest, takes us back to childhood, introduce things in a different light, and makes us think out of the box. 

All these psychological and emotional effects make a pitch deck memorable and outstanding. After watching an animated video about your business concepts, investors won’t likely forget it for longer than after just watching a PowerPoint presentation.

An easy-to-understand explanation of business concepts and processes

Animated Videos in Digital Marketing for B2B: Why It’s Worth Investing 23
Animation by DeeKay

There is no need to create long-reads, written instructions, and tutorials. With an animated explainer video, you can describe even the most complex processes and concepts whenever you need it – at the conference, tradeshow, meeting with partners or the team, etc. The video is a very effective educational material, as it allows delivering information to a person at several levels (visual and audial) simultaneously. 

This approach provides a comprehensive understanding of things promoted in the video. Many companies use animated videos for employee onboarding, educate customers on how to use their products and services, and include them as a valuable asset for their online knowledge base.

An engaging overview of your products and services

Animated Videos in Digital Marketing for B2B: Why It’s Worth Investing 24
Animation by DeeKay

You can also use animated videos to showcase your product or system works and how your company provides services to your clients. Animation is one of the most engaging and powerful marketing tools. It enables you to use many eye-catching visual metaphors and place the product in extraordinary contexts to emphasize its mood and the idea behind it. 

Moreover, animation offers almost unlimited opportunities for product presentation. You can showcase how your product’s features work, how the entire system functions, zoom its details, show hidden components, demonstrate it in timelapse, and more.

Business Cartoons. Yes, They Perform

Yes. Animated video marketing works out, and it’s proven by the following companies. Crazy Egg produced an animated explainer video that helped them earn $21,000 of additional revenue per month. increased conversions by 20% thanks to an explainer video. Dropbox created the video that resulted in several thousand extra sign-ups for their service per day. Does it impressive? Probably, it’s a good time to try it out for your business.

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