3 Ways to Inject Your Business Explainer Video with Humor (And Be Really Funny)

Are you a B2B or B2C company? Anyway, your target audience would love to have time for laughter, especially during the dark times of the pandemic recession. You, as an innovation-thinking brand, can address your customer needs with an animated explainer video that creates a funny experience for them.

We all love fun and humor. However, do all of us know how to use it appropriately? In this article, Explain Ninja will tell you several tips on injecting humor into an animated explanatory video that presents your business and wins the audience’s loyalty.

Make a cartoon that illustrates the super-powers of your product

3 Ways to Inject Your Business Explainer Video with Humor (And Be Really Funny) 20
Illustration by Explain Ninja

Fun loves exaggeration. Parody, as a kind of humor, narratively demonstrates it. You can apply this practice to your animated business video. How? Just create a “parodic” context, a situation in which your product is a “super-hero” that solves the customer problem in a matter of seconds.

Do you remember Mr. Proper? This character embodies the super-power of the cleaner made by Procter & Gamble. This animated mascot perfectly works for the brand’s advertising over the decades. First introduced in 1958, Mr. Proper (or Mr. Clean, nowadays) still showcasing the incredible cleaning power of Procter & Gamble’s products. This how the combination of humor and exaggeration works out.

Create a scenario on what happens to people if they don’t use your product

3 Ways to Inject Your Business Explainer Video with Humor (And Be Really Funny) 21
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

If people that something terrible may happen to them if they don’t do this or that, they a kind of psychological tension that motivates them to take the needed action. This thinking might seem obvious (or even primitive!). Yes, it probably is. However, who cares if it still works for your video advertisement and converts a lot of sales. 

You can use this actionable yet straightforward tactic in animated explainer videos for business as well. Imagine two scenarios. In the first one, the customer encounters the challenge and successfully solves it by using your product. This person is happy, smiling, and satisfied. 

Now, consider a different scenario when the person doesn’t use your product in the same situation. Imagine the worse that may happen to this person in this case. Re-think it from the humoristic perspective, and present it in your animated video advertising. From our experience, showcasing the worse scenario works even better than motivating people by saying, “Everything will be nice if you use our product.” Since nobody wants to experience the worst scenario, right?

The power of exaggeration will be a perfect fit here as well. You can use it when creating the animation for the “worse” case when the hero doesn’t choose your brand.

Create an FAQ page that includes video portrayals of exaggerated customer issues (and how to fix them)

It may look like a brief or even a little bit rough animated comix of situations and issues that the customer may experience with your product. The FAQ section on your website is a perfect place for it. And it’s a fantastic opportunity for a brand to eliminate negative customer experience, grow their loyalty, and establish more “human” and emotional relationships with your target audience. 

Of course, fun short commercials showcasing the customer issues should be followed up by short animated explainer videos that educate customers about how they can tackle their problems. It is also a good practice for customer self-service portals and the brand’s knowledge base.

Wrapping It Up

Our animated explainer video production company has crystallized these three simple practices over the years of experience in the animation business. Probably, we aren’t the masters of fun (at least, we try to be :) ), however we hope that our animated videos will inspire you to incorporate fun into your marketing and drive customer engagement.

Hopefully, these practices will be useful for your brand and help you create an eye-catching advertisement that makes people want to share it across all social media, bringing even more popularity to your company.

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