Cool B2B Explainer Video Examples & Why They Really Engage

Here we present three amazing B2B animated explainer video examples that have conquered our hearts and won our attention. Hopefully, you will enjoy them too, as well as a brief analysis of what makes these animation videos really great.

Cool B2B Explainer Video Examples & Why They Really Engage 20
Illustration by Mari Seroshtanova for Explain Ninja

The B2B world is now experiencing the constant movement toward more gamified, engaging, and fun customer experiences. Ads outlining the advantages of B2B products or services are becoming replaced by humorous animated videos that present the brand’s main ideas and offering creatively. The seriousness of B2B companies is converted into fun images, characters, and animations that evoke the viewer’s loyalty, increase customer engagement, drive ROI, and help your brand beat the competition. 

An animated explainer video has also become a universal meaning for transferring complex business concepts, explaining complicated processes, and educating customers. In this article, we overview three B2B animated explanatory videos that have become our top choices. Let’s take a closer look at them!

The animated video for Pipedrive by Explain Ninja

Fluid animation

Fluid and visually pleasant animation is how Pipedrive’s video stands out from others. Fun green-hair characters in white costumes emphasize the brand’s primary colors and identity. Soft transitions between the scenes and the characters’ body movements create a liquid-like effect and make the video feel like a continuous story flow.

Consistent pitch

Explain Ninja has produced the video that is an excellent example of how a script and scenario in a B2B video should look like. They are created around a brand message and consistent sales pitch. Pipedrive has made the strategically right choice when choosing the animated video to introduce its SaaS product, as it is a versatile format of product presentation that suits different marketing channels – online advertising, social media, tradeshows, homepage, landing pages, and other spots on the web.

Professional voiceover

This video has a professional voiceover that delivers the main message. The native English speaker’s voice and unobtrusive music accompany all the visuals, adding even more credibility to the brand and making the video even more impressive.

AT&T | Network Firewall by VeracityColab

Amazing visual concept for technical information

The next video is made for one of the largest phone carrier and telecommunications companies in the world. It has eye-pleasing visuals and features a unique animation style. This explanatory business video communicates a technical message about telecommunications services through unique visual concepts and abstract illustrations that make the viewer want to continue watching the video. 

Clear and easy-to-understand messaging

Even though this video brings complex business concepts that are not easy to perceive for non-professionals in the field, its compelling message allows viewers to catch the main idea through simple words and make comprehension easier. The animation explains complicated technical information creatively and extraordinarily, turning difficult-to-understand concepts into an engaging story.

Explanation of the problem solution

This animation explainer video for B2B narratively demonstrates the value of AT&T’s solution. Firewalls are a vital tool in network security, and AT&T has brought firewalls into the modern era by enhancing them with a unique blend of machine learning, data analytics, and the knowledge of human experts. They came to us to explain this sophisticated approach and show the world what sets it apart from existing methods. It’s what the video is about, and the VeracityColab has implemented this explanation in the animation amazingly.

Onlife Health Business Explainer Video

Covering many aspects of the offering in a compact format

It is another great example of a B2B animated explanatory video that converts sales and engages the audience. It promotes B2B services of Onlife Health, a comprehensive wellness solutions company. This organization works with large employers and Health Plans nationwide, and their unique approach is focused on engagement techniques that form lasting habits. 

The main peculiarity of this 2D animation video is that it covers many aspects of the company’s offering within only several minutes. The informativeness of the video packed into a compact format amazed us.  

Simple, non-distracting animation 

The first thing you might notice when watching this video is an extremely straightforward visual style. Although complicated animation effects may seem more visually appealing, they can distract from a marketing message. In this case, a B2B animated video doesn’t perform its primary mission of explaining the business idea and services. On the contrary, the video from Onlife Health does it perfectly.

Focus on the brand message

Another essential advantage of this animated video example is that it keeps the viewer’s attention on the crucial information. It doesn’t use distracting visuals or too many metaphors. The scenario is simple and takes the viewer directly to the point within a minute. It allows saving the target audience’s precious time and delivering all core information about services effectively.


Here we presented the top three of our choices of the best B2B explainer animated videos. Hopefully, you enjoyed watching these animations, as well as reading why we have featured them as the best examples. This brief analysis of each animation video may help brands better understand what kind of explainer video they need to engage their audience and multiply conversions.

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