5 Things That a Great Explainer Video Must Have to Make Them Listen to Your Brand

We intuitively know what animated explainer video is great because it engages us, creates intrigue, and makes us continue watching it. However, what is the secret behind a marketing video that really works? In this article, Explain Ninja shares 5 tips about it. 

5 Things That a Great Explainer Video Must Have to Make Them Listen to Your Brand 20
Illustration by Explain Ninja

An animated explainer video has become one of the most effective marketing tools in 2021 and is expected to gain traction in 2022 as well. Brands across all niches and industries are leveraging the engagement power of animation to seize the audience’s attention, increase customer loyalty, and boom sales. 

However, to create an animated marketing video that works out, you need to know five things. Here we consider them and share our explainer video production tips crystallized over the years in the animation industry.

Powerful message

A powerful message is the first thing affecting the success and effectiveness of animated videos. Every great animated explainer video must answer the three most important questions: 

  • What are customer pain-points?
  • What are customer goals?
  • How can an animated explainer video reach them?

If it does, then your animated video has good chances to win the viewer’s attention and convert sales. It should be consistent and connect the audience with the brand’s main point quite quickly. Try to pack more value at the beginning of the video, as people usually decide whether to continue watching the video within the first 8 seconds of the video. 

Original and eye-catching visuals

5 Things That a Great Explainer Video Must Have to Make Them Listen to Your Brand 21
Illustration by Explain Ninja

Pay attention to visuals, they are extremely important. The animation must be eye-catching but shouldn’t distract the viewer from the main brand message. Today, most businesses prefer a minimalistic style in everything they do, including website design, mobile app design, customer portal design, and… animated marketing videos. 

Whiteboard animation is the brightest example of minimalism implemented in a video. It has been one of the most popular business animation styles in recent years and still is gaining momentum today. Whiteboard videos usually show the viewer static images being drawn on the screen. 

Relevant voice

The voice is another crucial component of every explainer video that significantly impacts the viewer’s first impression of the brand and delivers the video’s primary mission – explains things. That’s why it should be clear, easy-to-understand, and pleasant. We also recommend you to investigate what dialect your target audience speaks and choose the narrator who can speak the same language in the video. For example, the English language in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland varies. 

Consequently, it’s advisable to hire a voice artist who is a native speaker from the region your brand is targeting. It will help you deliver the main message more effectively and show the authentic human connection between your brand and a target audience. 

Compelling pitch

Keep in mind that your video should be able to transfer a brand message quickly and effectively. The pitch must be easy to understand and perceive. A straightforward pitch combined with the needed spices of humor and fun will surely work for every audience. It should also narratively demonstrate how the customer can solve the problem using the promoted product or service. We recommend including brief information about the product essence and product solution at the beginning and the end of the video.

Let viewers get your product idea at a glance by watching the first 5-10 seconds of the video. Don’t forget that your pitch should highlight all the product’s aspects and competitive advantages to be really compelling and convert viewers into loyal customers.

5 Things That a Great Explainer Video Must Have to Make Them Listen to Your Brand 22
Illustration by Explain Ninja

Customer reflection 

We have noticed that all customers perceive heroes in animated explainer videos as reflections of themselves. That’s why it’s critical to pay particular attention to character design and make it fully based on customer persona research. In the video, the main character usually encounters the same challenges as real customers, feels the same emotions, and experiences the same pain-points. Finally, the brand or product appears as the best problem-solver in the video and saves the situation in a matter of seconds. 

To wrap it up 

Here are the five key things you must know to produce a successful animated explanation video. Hopefully, these tips and recommendations will be a source of inspiration for your brand and help you navigate the explainer video production process more easily. 

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