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Explainer Videos in Social Media

April 15, 2017

A social network is a great source for content marketing. In addition to publications on websites and landing pages, explainer video companies optimize and share videos through social media. How to get the most out of marketing videos on these channels?

  • Social media research
    If you want to succeed in social media marketing, do some research and study the best explainer videos of famous companies on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook. Do they gather the target audience they are looking for? How long are these videos? What do they sell?
  • SEO for social media
    The following step after web video production is maximizing your video’s visibility. Remember about title, description, key words, thumbnail, a call to action and video category.
  • Subtitles
    Most videos on Facebook are watched while muted. It’s advisable to add subtitles to your video as many people may turn the sound off. In this case visitors understand what is going on and don’t lose interest. In addition to that, subtitles are good for the SEO because text is considered by search engines when they index content.
  • Texting
    Video production agencies recommend clients to add a text to their posts. Visitors always look for some contextual information. Good teasers will make a video catchier. Hashtags and a call to action may be included in the text as well.
  • Hashtags
    Hashtags is an integral part of most social networks which classify and describe your content in just one word. Hashtags help your video to become visible in the search results. In social media viewing time is more important than the number of views. This parameter shows that the target audience is interested in your content. When you write hashtags, think of product categories and niche groups.
  • Tags
    On Facebook it is available to tag other pages to attract more traffic and followers.
  • Likes and followings
    Like other users’ photos and videos and follow them. It will draw more attention to you.

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