Importance of Video Marketing: 15 Reasons to Use Videos in Your Marketing Campaigns

Today, the share of video content significantly exceeds the amount of text information and photos distributed all over the Internet. According to rough forecasts, 80% of all materials posted on the Internet will be compelling videos next year. So, why is video important in marketing for your branded video content production business marketing?

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What is Video Content Marketing?

Video marketing is a popular and promising marketing branch.

It is widely applied for the promotion of services & goods in digital channels using video. As a rule, high-quality advertising, clearly hitting the target audience, is the task of the whole marketing team. It includes the contribution made by marketers, SMM and content managers, copywriters, CPC specialists, and, of course, video production.

Video marketing can benefit both the business and the consumer – the end user. The power of video in marketing is undeniable in media and many other realms.

80-85% of people are visuals. Most of them perceive information primarily through eyesight. Therefore, to convey information or convince users, it is most effective to use data visualization like explainer videos.

Why Using Video Marketing is Important?

Why video marketing is important?

If you have not considered explainer video a simple promotion tool until now, it is high time to start. And not just to create high-quality videos, but also to use video for marketing to achieve commercial goals, you need to realize about fifteen reasons that may prove it’s effective. Here they are.

Best Way to Sell your Product – Make a Video

Production includes all stages of video creation: searching for the themes, preparing for filming (preproduction), and working it out – postproduction, launching finished material, etc. Anyway, it’s worth it. You make a better form to sell your product or promote your services terse and highly effective. Videos are fast and easier to grasp and understand. That’s why they are the best way to sell anything.

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Enhancing the Level of Confidence

Videos for marketing are an effective way to promote products and services, as well as a powerful source of traffic to your site. Take full advantage of the video format to expand your audience, increase their trust and increase your business sales with greater confidence.

Improving User’s Interest

Agree that dynamic images engage more. Video is addictive. Viewing does not require effort on the part of the user, so they are willingly involved in the process of absorbing your content.

Easier to Understand Something with Video

Dynamic images are more effective than photos and, moreover, text. Videos are great for attracting attention, delivering information better, building trust, convincing, and selling. Using video content increases conversion.

Increase Your Google Rank

By publishing and distributing high-quality videos, it is possible to increase traffic. The traffic of Internet resources is increasing – sales are growing because search engine admits your content use and ranks it higher. The importance of video marketing for Google rank is another thing to consider.

Building Trust

People believe better what they see. You can talk a lot about something, giving the most compelling reasons. But it is better to visualize what your point is and, thereby, win over.

Brand Awareness

You may promote the video using publications on the brand website, on social networks, or on video hosting platforms. One of the most popular channels for promoting videos is YouTube. Also, your video stories can be posted on any of your own resources or distributed using advertising networks.


By filming and participating in commercials, you position yourself as an expert. It doesn’t play that the text is pre-written and you’re just acting. A convincing storytelling presentation matters.

Video Encourages Social Shares

Wide possibilities of social shares make it a great tool to form communities. Video content is easy to distribute. You can publish it on the website and on social networks, use it in advertising campaigns and so much more. A video may easily go viral. Users actively share interesting and useful video content.

Videos are Universal

Why use video marketing? – The videos entertain, explain, inform, and encourage purchase. You can shoot product reviews, advertise services, talk about a company, show the internals, or run contests.

Video is Trending

Recording and publishing video content means meeting the expectations of your audience. And online platforms strive to create the best opportunities for publishing and demonstrating top-notch videos.


Use video content for feedback, interacting with your audience, posting feedback, and working with objections. That’s a great user-generated content tool. That’s why video content is important.

Reduced Bounces and Returns

With the help of videos, it is easier to interest the customers and convince them to stay on the site. A well-informed person approaches the purchase in a balanced manner, which minimizes the percentage of return.

Increase Conversion

The economic effect of using video has been proven. For example, posting product reviews doubles the conversion rate. That’s why use video content marketing to improve your conversion rate is also a plus.

Savings on Advertising

Why are videos important in marketing? – They save your budget.

Videos can be used as a promotional tool. Attracting customers through content costs at least half the price of traditional advertising. And the video explainer shot once works for years!

Importance of Video Marketing: 15 Reasons to Use Videos in Your Marketing Campaigns 22
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Conclusion: Does Video Marketing Really Matters?

We cannot underestimate the importance of video marketing for your business promotion. So, search, choose, and master your video marketing with professional video production assistance

You may also assure how important video marketing is from open sources. Gain some more knowledge, form specific skills by shooting professional videos, promoting them on social networks, and using video as a tool to reassure your marketing tasks.

The importance of video marketing for your business is priceless in terms of strategic planning of your future marketing activities and achieving newer business goals.  Feel free to hire us for more detailed help with your video marketing campaigns.

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