How to Find the Best Way to Promote Your Company

Company promotion usually depends on its business sphere. It includes creating a brand name, networking, advertising, social media, free merchandise and other marketing tools.

Internet commercials, especially an animated explainer video, are an effective way to promote a company and reach customers. Publish your work and create an explainer video on your website, online channel or a blog.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Reaching your target audience within a short time.
  • Cheap production especially in case of an animated video. Even if you don’t create it by yourself, an explanation video made by production companies won’t cost much money.
  • Creating the proper first impression and capturing attention.
  • Viral videos continue to reap benefits for a long time.
  • The use of images, sound, songs, funny short stories and jokes in your video helps to understand the idea much better.

Effective and Cheap

Small companies or startups cannot afford the big budges that large enterprises take for granted. Here are some tips how to promote your company using an explanation video:

  • Watch the best explainer videos thoughtfully and analyze them.
  • Do some marketing research to clearly understand who your customer is and why he or she may want to buy your product or order a service.
  • Try to use as much sources as you can: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope and other platforms. Explainer video services allow users to discover videos through applications and websites.
  • Upload your videos constantly. Moreover, they should be different depending on their goal: product promotion, tutorial, technical support, corporate video (a story about your company), training, interviews with customers, etc.
  • Add a personal touch to your video. All customers like to feel special.
  • Use videos in email. Some marketing experts believe that it can improve conversion rates up to fifty percent

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