How much does a 30-second video cost

How much is a 30 second commercial? Are you ready to spend some time with explainer video company? You’ll be surprised that businesses no longer save money on video content. How much does it cost for a 30 second commercial? The truth is that most promotional videos cost about $3,000 to $5,000 per finished minute. This is an average number of how much the agencies may charge for a 30 second explainer video. Yet, many companies are ready to pay more for high-quality content. Moreover, they regularly order different types of a 30 second promotional video to cover their business and marketing needs.

How much does a 30-second video cost 20
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From presentations to social media: videos can be used anywhere. Recent video content usage studies demonstrate impressive results: 65% of marketers prefer videos to static images for their presentations. Over 57% of marketers choose videos for their ads, and 47% use explainer videos in their marketing strategy.

How much does a 30-second video cost 21

Get ready! In this article, we will reveal all the truth about creating video content for your business. We will explain why there’s no exact answer on how much it costs to produce a 30-second commercial. Yet, you will get to know why video content is so important and what kind of team you need to succeed in content creation.

Why are videos so important today?

Have you heard that the number of businesses that use video content increased almost twice in 5 years? The reason is the increasing popularity of videos among users and, of course, the results the videos bring to a business.

Our colleagues The latest report of Wyzowl shareds with us impressive numbers that explain what does a 30-second commercial cost for a business:

  • videos can increase traffic to the website by 86%
  • the average time that customers spend on website pages is grown by 83%
  • 94% of customers confess that a video helped them to understand the product or service
  • videos are extremely useful for lead generation, as they can improve numbers by 84%
  • even sales are affected by video content and demonstrate an increase of 78%

The numbers prove the effectiveness of video usage. However, if you have never worked with video content, you might be interested in using them to be sure you get the best effect. 

Obviously, if you wonder, ‘How much does it cost to make a 30-second commercial?’ you want to know where to use these videos to make the best out of your marketing.

  • Your website or landing page

By adding a video to your website or landing page, you immediately attract the attention of visitors. As a rule, the users want to get all the important information about your business or company. Still, they are not ready to spend a lot of time reading the texts. A 30-second explainer video can help you demonstrate the benefits of your products faster and better than any text.

  • Your social media

Presence in Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram is crucial for an online business. If you do not have pages on social media, you lose the engagement of your users. They want to follow you online: read news, save posts, and watch videos.

  • Your internal communications

Communication with your team is as important as communication with clients. In the pandemic world, videos have become the main tool to communicate with talents from different parts of the world. You can use videos in presentations and even corporate emails.

How Can I Find the Best Team for Commercial Video?

The question that arises right after ‘How much should I charge for a 30-second video?’ is How can I find the best team for commercial video?’ Gone are the days when the company had to hire specialists for each project. Today, you can outsource the process of producing video to explainer video companies and enjoy all the benefits.

Hiring a team of dedicated video creators is not a two-minute job. If you want perfect results, you need to find someone ready to learn everything about your business, catch your business needs and goals, and put them in an effective picture.

If you are considering hiring the team for a commercial or any other type of video, follow these simple tips.

  • Check reviews

The first thing you need to check is the reviews of the clients who have been working with the team previously. Unmistakably, if the company does not have good reviews and their clients are not satisfied with their job, choose someone else.

  • Revise portfolio

Small teams frequently work with the same video styles: they create only 3D videos or live-action pieces. If you have certain preferences regarding your videos, it’s always better to find a team who already worked with the styles you prefer.

  • Start with communication

Before you sign a contract, you need to make sure that you are comfortable communicating with the team. Good reviews and a great portfolio are not enough to start working together. If you are on the same page, it will be easier for you to create a video that you will like.

  • Agree on costs

So how much does a 30-second video cost? It depends on the artists’ skill set, pre- and post-production nuances, and the length and complexity of the video. Other factors affect the price as well. We are going to talk about the below. Yet, the company you are planning to work with, should explain to you how they charge for a video and what services are added to the price.

What Affects the Cost of a 30-Second Video?

When answering the question of how much to charge for a 30-second video, we should always remember: the video is not just a sequence of images. Many processes stand behind a great result. And all of them affect the price.


Have you ever noticed how the sounds affect the whole video? When you watch a muted explainer video, you often need additional information (though there are exceptions when the video is created without sounds at all).

However, when you turn the sound on, the video improves as you are guided through the whole story by a voiceover. The latter helps to explain complicated things, focus the attention on some information, and even set the tone and atmosphere of the video.

Yet, voiceover is one of the things that is very easy to spoil. To make a great voiceover, the companies work with professional artists. For example, we at Explain.Ninja work with voice artists from all over the world. Due to this, we can create voiceovers for customers from different countries and regions.

Sound Effects

Even the videos that do not have voiceover need sound effects. In fact, sounds are equally important to the whole story: you can choose the background music or some specific sounds that support the images on the screen.

For example, if you create an explainer video with underwater scenes, it will be nice to add water sound effects. 

Professional video makers use licensed sounds to make your video look and sound great. 

Never try to save money on sounds, as the quality of your video also depends on this.


Animation is the basis for a good video. The overall price of the video will mainly depend on the type of animation you prefer to use and the artists who will work on the video. For instance, 2D videos will be cheaper than 3D videos as per 30 second commercial cost.

Why is animation so expensive? The matter is that the hourly rate of the artists is high, as well as their salaries. Additionally, for good animation, the artists use professional software. 

How much does a 30-second video cost 22

Even if you are planning to work with presets and templates, be ready for extra costs. Even adding brand colors to the video is not an easy job, and you will need to pay for it.

When working with animation in videos, it’s important to use best practices and trends: in this way, your video will be up to date, and your customers will love it. 


Graphics elements are added to the video to put accents on important information or explain some complex ideas. 

One of the most popular types of explainer marketing videos that use graphics is a storyboard. It combines the elements of animation with typography. Sometimes, storyboards are combined with live-action videos.

In the case of live actions, graphics serve as a supporting element of the whole story. All numbers, key information, tables are presented on the video with its help.

Addition of Special Effects

All videos are different. Today, businesses are not ready to invest in template videos. They want to create something unique that will speak for their company. Therefore, many ideas appear during video production, and many of them require additional software or inviting artists who work with specific techniques.

Of course, the more features you want to add, the higher the price.


How much does it cost to produce a 30-second commercial video that will serve business goals? There’s no clear answer to this question. The cost of the video depends on various factors: animation, voiceover, sounds, graphics, additional features. Also, the size of the project and deadlines can affect the price. Therefore, the cost of a 30-second promotional video is typically around $1,500 to $2,500 on average.

If you want to try video in your marketing strategy or create an explainer video for your company, we can help you estimate the price. Feel free to write to us and describe your needs and preferences, and we will give you a detailed estimation of the project.

We at Explain.Ninja are always open to communication and discussion. Ask us any questions that you want to clarify. Let’s get to business together!

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