8 Animated Logo Designs for Your Inspiration

Your logo is the first touch point with the outside world. People who like your brand logo design will be more open to everything branded video production has behind it.

8 Animated Logo Designs for Your Inspiration 20
Dynamic identity from Dribbble

Professional animated logos require sophisticated design skills, knowledge of graphic design theory, and handy application. Any graphic or motion designer who has the skills to work as a graphic editor may create a logo, but it takes more than ten years to fully master all aspects of this craft and make things for the ultimate logo inspiration of others. Here’s the list of the most incredible animated logos created by various designers and handpicked by the Explain Ninja team that specializes in animation design to get inspired by:

Fireart Games

8 Animated Logo Designs for Your Inspiration 21

As a small independent game studio, the goal was to create games that are beautifully created and offered a fantastic gaming experience. Fireart created animated logos to communicate its brand to the audience and make it vivid.

So, this one was an animated version of their game development department’s logo, design by @Dzmitry Kazak. Now we create beautiful products for innovative startups and large corporations.

Hello World

8 Animated Logo Designs for Your Inspiration 22

Made in Cinema 4D and After Effects, this one is a quick logo animation created over the summer. Playing around with all those bugs was a lot of fun. The art of developing a visually striking mark for a brand or business is known as logo design. Typically, a logo comprises of a symbol, brandmark, or image that represents the message. This simple but dynamic logo speaks volumes.

You can read unbiased reviews from real customers for Fireart Studio to discover more about logo design and how it helped many clients achieve their business goals through this kind of messaging.


8 Animated Logo Designs for Your Inspiration 23

Only logos and screenshots should be used when utilizing Instagram’s resources. Inssta Logo animation was created by the artists at Explain Ninja. Here is animated logo from our explainer video for Inssta designed by @dmitrij.

The Polaroid cameras that could quickly record and reproduce photos served as the basis for the key Insta logo. This mnemonic is the only constant feature of the logo redesigns throughout a decade of expanding audiences for the app.


8 Animated Logo Designs for Your Inspiration 24

Logo animation, which is the part of the explainer video for Everwill was also created by the artists at Explain Ninja. Playing around with all those lines was a lot of fun.

At Everwill, they think everyone deserves top-notch legal services when it comes to safeguarding and making plans for their family and loved ones, whether they are affluent or not. So, the video explainer was all about that and the logo was a part of it.


8 Animated Logo Designs for Your Inspiration 25

Another Inssta Logo animation was created by the artists at Explain Ninja. Very simple and ez animation of Inssta is another way to express the brand’s meaning: subscribe to friends’ updates, share all the moments of the day, and discover the world.

Explain Ninja team has managed to create many logo designs and design concepts for many companies, including this one.

Parents logo

The young parents’ educational app’s animated logo. Lack of experience makes it easier to raise a child, and it also teaches new parents how to be hip parents. Sounds helpful, no?

Because parents who participated in the parenting program develop and change alongside their children, the visual metaphor used here symbolizes growing processes.


An inspiration logo is a small part of creating a company’s corporate identity, but it’s important to know that a logo or trademark is its centerpiece. And we all know that this is the part of the corporate identity that the audience most often remembers from the start. So, how to make animated logo animation examples is how to make your users fall in love with your company at first sight.

Is an animated logo a good idea?

The truth is that an animated logo is preferable to a static one since it more effectively transmits information, aids in increasing brand recognition, and can enhance the consumer experience at all points of contact with your target market. It aids in improving storytelling, raising brand awareness, and building a memorable impression for a company. Don’t forget to consider the following things to make it function well: analyze the company’s commercial objectives and evaluate the personality of a brand before creating a logo animation.

How to make an animated logo?

Many services will help you create your best animated logos for logo animation inspiration alongside professional artists from a top animation design company or video production studios like Explain Ninja. Nevertheless, you may find the top solutions on your own:

Introduce your brand, channel, or business with a spectacular logo animation! The flexible tools built into the platform will allow you to create a logo animation that will be in tune with your brand’s corporate identity in just a few minutes and online.


Get started with Canva to create animated logo. First, open Canva and go to the Animated Logos section to access a library of professional templates to inspire or use as a base for your own designs.

Adobe Spark

Beautiful typography to create lots of logo animations Adobe family tool; Directly share it on YouTube

Design Free Logo

Various styles of logo animation are available here. Feel free to choose from 1000 3D logo animations for you to create famous business logos and more.


PixTeller allows you to create various logo animation styles with more than 100000+ shapes and 130+ fonts to choose from.

If you want to make an exciting animation, these solutions and animated logos examples will come in handy for the best logos design in 2D effect or 3D animation. Also, we hope that by now you’ve decided on the professional animation design of any type for your products from a reliable graphic design team.

How to use animated logos

Creating animated logos that give your viewers a more accurate sense of your brand story is simpler than ever. Choose from a range of animation options, then apply them to your icons, photos, and other project elements after selecting any of them.

  • Brands use animated logos to grab consumers’ attention,
  • forge deep emotional connections with their audience,
  • humanize their brand image,
  • and build brand loyalty.

Additionally, logo animations are fantastic drivers of consumer engagement and simple brand recognition.


Alongside inspirational animated logo examples, creative designers may produce beautiful animated explainer videos of any type to promote your business online. Designers are full of inspiration logo design ideas, making the identity more attractive and helping the client become more successful. The animation technique is suitable for every industry.

Any graphic or motion designer who has the skills to work in a graphical editor may create a logo. Still, it takes more time to fully master all aspects of this craft and make things for the ultimate logotype inspiration for the others. A little spark to your project will add individuality. By viewing our logos inspiration list it will be easier to decide on the style and distinguish your product from the mass of the same competitors. Feel free to have it a try.

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