Video Production for Business: Types of Video Marketing

If you need to produce quality explainer videos for your business, you need to promote them, as well. Video marketing becomes the main channel of interaction with the audience here that may link your business with the user in the most effective way. And an ideal video production company will help you with the task.

Video Production for Business: Types of Video Marketing 20
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What’s video marketing?

Video marketing is an activity aimed at promoting products through advertising channels in video format.

When viewing the feed on social networks, you’ve probably noticed that 80% of the content is videos. No wonder the format helps advertise new products, demonstrate products from all angles, increase engagement via brand explainer video, and so on.

Information in video format is a very effective way to convey it. So people better learn and remember it. Therefore, video advertising is one of the best ways to attract customers and promote your product. Read our blog post to learn about the advantages of video marketing for small businesses.

Types of video marketing

Conventionally, brands use three key types of video marketing for their business marketing:

1)    Informational

Videos of this format contribute to the development of primary demand. They are created mainly for a cold audience in order to draw attention to the product and tell in more detail about the advantages of the purchase, etc. The videos use bright and memorable slogans and calls to action.

2)    Promotional

The format is used when the brand has a clear market positioning. In this case, the promotional video should focus on the benefits of the purchase for the client: how the product solves the problem, what are the differences from analogs, etc. It is appropriate to use video reviews to increase the degree of audience confidence in the company.

3)    Encouraging

The format is aimed at a warm or loyal audience that is already interested in the company’s products. These are video reviews of goods, comparisons with similar models. Usually, at the end of the video, there is a call to action to buy it right away.

The audience loyal to the brand can be used by all means for the company even in times of crisis. Therefore, brands are critically working on the number of loyal customers.

The more useful the content, the more channels and company accounts are used by the audeince. Loyal followers make reposts, comment on content, subscribe to the newsletters and so much more.

A video marketing strategy should include each of these options. This will allow the brand to promote the product better and faster, working for two audience segments at once – cold and warm.

How come up with an ideal video?

Where to start when designing video ads? Undoubtedly, knowledge of content marketing and how to create quality video explainers is very important. Therefore, when developing video advertising for your product, you need to set aside several tasks for yourself:

  • What is the purpose of your video, what results do you expect;
  • Timing and budget for video;
  • A clear script for the plot of the video;
  • Choosing a platform for placing and a shooting location;
  • Plan how to effectively present your video ad to consumers.

For example, you plan the script: what will be said, shown, or done in your video, what background will be, effects, voices, objects, how the actors of your video will be dressed, and so on. Next, you start looking for a film set with more suitable criteria for you. After you have filmed everything, you need to decide where your ad will be displayed and distributed, etc.

How to choose it for your business model?

For example, social networks are better suitable for B2C segment products. The format is rather entertaining, but at the same time informational. Social media users prefer bright and catchy videos for up to 60 seconds.

For B2B, the main platform for promotion through video still remains YouTube. On the channel, you can publish product reviews, interviews with experts, video customer reviews, etc., thus, improving the image of the company. You may also launch online broadcasts on the site to present the release of a new product, answer customer questions, and so on.

Among the video marketing trends in 2022 is the use of 3D product models. But you may create storytelling if the idea is catchy and can attract the attention of the audience.

The main thing here is to find a contractor with an amazing portfolio who can create a catchy and effective video explainer.


Video production is a universal tool for all types of businesses. The differences are only in the placement sites and the content of the videos. It’s’ common that quality video content helps increase brand awareness and stand out among the competitors. If the company is much spoken about, the goods or services are in demand. And you may increase your traffic with the help of useful content in no time. All that is possible with well-thought video marketing for your business and a reputable video production company. So, contact us any time for help.

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