4 Rules on How to Create a Video on Youtube

To expand your online business presence, you may create video explainers and distribute them on the most powerful video platform of all time -YouTube. We recommend following the four basic rules to achieve success while coming up with incredible YouTube creatives, either ads or fully optimized explainer videos for your business channel display. Here they are.

4 Rules on How to Create a Video on Youtube 20
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Since more and more people prefer watching valuable videos on their favorite channels, you may use that to improve your business progress via your videos. And every more or less advanced user will seek top-notch creatives on your channel to get some valuable insights from there. The easy steps how to create a video on youtube and satisfy your audience are here:

Rule #1 Engage

The first thing you do is drag the attention of the viewer. It is essential from the first seconds. In the digital age, a person may skip a video or switch to something more compact & exciting, even if they are watching an obligatory demo or something like that. Therefore, with the help of a compelling video story, impulse & the disclosure of the plot get to work here immediately. Here are some examples of instantly hooking a user in your video:

  • Humor

Advertising with humor or intrigue attracts users more often than videos in other more official styles. But not every video has to be funny or intriguing – it depends on the brand image, message, and the marketing campaign’s objectives. The main thing is that the video must be memorable and correspond with the viewer’s emotional state.

This is also the main factor that stimulates the user to watch the video. It better allows you to increase your brand awareness. Choose this method if it suits your brand and positioning. If not, try using emotional tension or intrigue.

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  • Music

There is a strong user recommendation that music should catch and attract attention. Nevertheless, according to Google research, there is no relationship between sound and the success of a video. Sometimes the lack of musical accompaniment makes the video even more popular – this way, the viewer focuses better on the key message, either visual or textual.

However, if we take specific statistics for Google video ads, the combination of audio and video increases the ad response rate (Ad Recall) by 43%. Of course, great video explainers backed up with incredible audio are more likely to produce a wow effect, become viral, or simply stuck in one’s mind for a long time.

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  • Guest starring

Invite opinion leaders to participate in the video creation, your audience is interested in trusted people only. If they see a familiar face in the video, it is more likely to engage them go and check out your video ad for good. A well-known blogger or other media persona can help with this.

Rule #2 Communicate

Brand presentation is not less critical than audience entertainment and engagement. Combine work and play here. The integration of the brand into the video will vary depending on the business goals, but that’s how you create a video in youtube where you communicate your values and state your viewpoints, etc.

  • Product sales

If you need your product to be memorized, you should integrate the brand in the first five seconds of the video. This should be done as naturally as possible, for example, show the product quick in action. Better to showcase the product rather than the logos in the overlays or similar.

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  • Brand awareness

To increase brand awareness, it is better to integrate it later so that the viewer has time to become interested in the video plot. Statistics show that the longer the user watches the video, the higher the recognition and readiness to purchase is. If you want to boost these metrics, don’t put your brand ambitions at the very beginning.

Regardless of when a brand appears on the screen, it is worth pronouncing its name in the audio – this increases the effectiveness of your video advertising. If you want your brand or product to be remembered, mention the name from the beginning and as often as possible.

Rule #3 Interact

The users have already noticed and have paid enough attention to the video, and now it is important to extend their interest. There are several ways to make your message understood. The key is to remember that people watch YouTube for three reasons: entertainment, inspiration, and learning.

  • Audio series

Words and sounds help convey the key messages of a brand’s advertising message. Users who watch videos with sound on mobile devices are almost 2 times more likely to recognize the brand and 3 times more likely to remember it than other viewers.

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  • Addressing the viewer

Advertising, in which the hero of the video directly addresses the viewer, increases brand awareness and helps the person remember the message. A classic example is the famous Old Spice ad featuring athletes Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa.

  • Rhythm

Rapid video storytelling helps keep viewers engaged, especially on mobile. The quick change of frames captivates the viewer, who has time to quickly process information on a small screen and does not start to get bored on one stage.

Rule #3 Call to action

Direct call to action improves any video performance. Be honest and tell them exactly what you want them to do next – it could be visiting a website or downloading an application, etc. For the YouTube audience, this looks natural, since the video bloggers at the end of the video often ask their viewers to like and subscribe to the channel or similar.

YouTube has different options for calling to action. Not only can it be announced in the video, but it can also be placed in other visual elements: tips, titles & subtitles, or overlays.

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Rule #4 Follow up

Of course, you need feedback from your users on your products or brand in general. What’s the point of creating explainers then, right? How to create a youtube video so that to touch and provoke a response is a real art.


You may also inquire how to create 30-minute ad video to youtube if you need to dive deeper into the platform advertising opportunities. In addition to the suggested tips, remember that you can always test creatives, targeting, and other campaign settings to find the best combinations on YouTube. You can also find out in detail what formats and tags are available on the platform for different tasks, etc.

If you choose the animated video production process to create awesome video explainers for your channel or any other video platform to distribute them and engage the audience with full exposure, discover how to create a video on youtube with our help.

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