How to Make Your Video Go Viral?

If you want to achieve numerous views quickly, then you need to create a viral video. However, it’s a little more complicated than that, and it is often quite difficult to predict which video will interest users. How to make a video viral?

How to Make Your Video Go Viral? 20
Dzmitry Kazak for Fireart Studio

Try to make videos interesting and how to make video viral of high quality, and who knows, maybe your video will become the new Gangnam Style! 

27.2 % of online viewers watched more than 10 hours of online video weekly! Very often, videos whose creators didn’t know about the stunning success become viral!

“When we create video content that’s engaging, something magical happens: It gets shared and could even have the potential to go viral. However, it’s more complicated than that. The internet is full of video content. Going viral requires standing out. How? By understanding how and why users consume content, having the ability to put it all together and relying on luck.”

Jon Clark, Managing Partner at Moving Traffic Media 

However, there are some tips on how to make a viral video. Read our article to learn about effective tips for viral video consciousness. 

As a bonus, we’ve got some great examples for you to get inspired by video virality!

What is a Viral Video?

But before we find one, let’s be on the same page about the concept of virality while making a viral video.

So what is a viral video? It’s content that gains popularity in a short period on the site where it was published and on social media. Online material that goes viral is one that receives a lot of attention from social media networks, news websites, aggregators, email newsletters, and search engines as a result of exposure and sharing.

You’ve probably encountered a video that catches your eye too often at some point in time. That’s what viral video content is!

Back in 2015, one million views were deemed to be viral. Today, we tend to focus in the 5 to 8 million range, or even more in some circumstances. Keep in mind that everything will happen within a few weeks if it’s really a virus video with you.

So how to make a viral video?

How do I make a video go viral? Now we’re going to share with you the most effective tips for turning your video into a viral one. Try these viral video tips to increase the number of views on your videos significantly!

What makes a video viral?

Start with a brief

As with any content creation, you first need a plan to make video viral. Write down what audience your video will be aimed at and what topics it will be about. 

Give answers to questions like these:

  • What goals are you going to use it to achieve?
  • What tone of narration will you use?
  • How long will the video be?
  • What visual techniques and effects will you use to create the video?

…and other important questions. 

Make your video go viral! 

A detailed brief will help you follow your assigned plan in achieving your goal of creating a viral video. Video production companies write a detailed brief before shooting any video, so this is great advice for you, too! That way, you won’t miss anything, and you can focus on each important step.

Focus on a Single Message

One video – one message. Don’t spread the user’s attention over several ideas if you want to know how videos go viral. The video should be easy to understand for viewers and convey one clear message. If you have a lot of ideas, just shoot a series of videos. 

But don’t forget about this basic rule. Give viewers one message, which will be disclosed in one video. And then the chances that the video will be viral will increase many times over!

Keep it Short

People consume content quickly, and they don’t like to watch long clips. Of course, there are exceptions, and long videos can be popular. However, if our goal is to create a viral video, we need to make sure the video is short.

How to make your video go viral? Remove unnecessary footage that has no value. Don’t dilute the video with unnecessary information. The video should be memorable. 

Elicit Emotions

Whether it’s a masterpiece of painting or a short YouTube video, a work of art should evoke real emotion in the viewer. It is the only way you can distinguish a real masterpiece from just good content. 

Evoke emotion in your viewers! Why is it so important? It is another recommendation on how to create a viral video. Due to the emotion experienced, the user will remember your video and even want to share it on their page or with their subscribers to share the emotion with them.

So you have to put a piece of your soul into the video (well, how did you want to achieve success?).

Adhere to Current Events

Be on-trend when you want to make a video go viral. In creating a viral video, a holiday or a fashionable event can play into your hands. For example, Christmas is coming. Play on the emotions of warmth and family comfort. Create a video that will be in the theme of your subscribers’ lives, and perhaps this is how you can get maximum views.

What’s good about this tip is that there are new trends in the world all the time. And you can try to get into each of them to create a viral video.

Know your audience

Who are you creating the video for? What are your subscribers interested in?

These are important questions, even though your video may go beyond just your audience. For starters, try to define a portrait of the person you’re going to interest in your video. It will make it easier for you to choose your tone of voice and visuals and create a script for your video.

Create a video with a shared purpose

Simply put, shared purpose refers to the notion that everyone in your organization is committed to the same goal. Drive, alignment, and a sense of belonging are all present where there is a sense of shared purpose. That’s why the most viral are videos everyone may relate to in many aspects.

Engage with influencers

By collaborating with influencers, you may target their current audiences and widen the reach of your business. Furthermore, it uses the influencers’ distinctive talents and communication gimmicks to produce captivating, attention-grabbing material that raises your search engine rankings and may lengthen your viewership, thus, making it viral.

Trigger feelings

Viral video creation is all about playing with feelings. Make your video animation with color, movement, and facial expressions in mind. You may convey a range of emotions to your audience and engage them on an emotional level as well as intellectually. It’s the difference between understanding and empathizing with your viewer.

Invest in quality

How do you make a video go viral? – Right, you make it of high quality. Each business can benefit greatly from the marketing power of high quality video material. Visual material may quickly reach new clients because of how popular video content is. 87% of marketers claim that video has contributed to a favorable ROI, according to a 2022 survey.

Share the video on multiple platforms

Making and sharing advertising videos is a plus that ensures interacting and communicating with your target audience. Viewing and interacting with content posted by fans or other professionals in the field. Establishing a good online reputation. Shared media wisely incorporated into a balanced PR plan gives viewers a chance to engage with your material directly and effectively.

Here are Some of the Viral Videos

Oh, well, here we get to the sweetest part of the article about how to make a video go viral.  See some of our favorite videos that went popular on the World wide web, ranging from amusing dance moves to funny videos and doodles.

Do you want to know how to make your video viral? So here are some examples of how cool a viral video can be! 

Enjoy and be inspired.

Will It Blend? – iPad

Even though this video was made quite a long time ago, it is still gaining views. It’s no wonder because it’s a great example of a viral video!

You can’t stop watching it because things are going on in the frame we can’t afford. It generates interest, wonder, and even some excitement. In general, it was the large number of contradictory emotions that made this video so popular! Producers of this video are excellent at creating viral videos.

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test)

If it’s not the best commercial in the world, it’s probably one of the ones you remember. Let’s try to take it apart according to the recommendations above. The commercial is short, so we don’t bother to see it through to the end. It evokes an emotion of surprise and delight, so we want to share it!

In addition, the interests of the audience are also taken into account here. After all, Volvo has a reputation as a very reliable car. And this is what the filmmakers have shown in the video. What can we add, our applause!

So Real it’s Scary | LG IPS Monitor

This video can be classified as a prank. But it turned out cool!

LG was able to achieve its goal and make the commercial popular. It was a case where a seemingly teenage prank trend was used for its intended purpose.


Viewers prefer visual content to text, and an engaging video captures their attention within the first few seconds of visiting your website. Getting this attention is essential for capturing customers’ interest, and when combined with a compelling call to action, your brand can encourage them to take action or buy again. Viral content will give you a good influx of audience and increase your brand awareness. Define viral videos and share in on video platforms to achieve maximum reach. Use your best video material to provide people with worthwhile, instructive, and amusing stuff to explain yourself to others, to connect with others and keep that connection, etc. To feel good about your brand and receive praise from others for what they contribute, apply high-quality video explainers. Explain Ninja can help you create it!

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