7 Best Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Videos in 2023

Cryptocurrencies have become more popular among people who hope to make good money on their growth in the future and companies who want to trade. If back in 2014, bitcoin might have cost only $100 and kept a price not higher than $200 for a long time, now it may cost more than $4.7 thousand or more. Financiers call the purchase of cryptocurrency the riskiest but also the most profitable type of modern investment. That’s why many new innovative projects demand cryptocurrency videos for various purposes: from education and explanation of complex industries to promotion, trades or beyond.

7 Best Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Videos in 2023 20
Explaining Crypto

What is cryptocurrency?

For those who don’t yet know: a digital currency, or in other words cryptocurrency, is an alternative payment method developed using encryption. By utilizing encryption technology, cryptocurrencies can act as both a certain medium of exchange and a virtual accounting system. You need a cryptocurrency wallet to use cryptocurrencies. 

A digital payment system known as crypto doesn’t rely on any banks to validate the transactions. Its peer-to-peer technology makes it possible for anybody, anywhere, to send and receive payments.

In contrast to, for instance, the price for transferring money from a digital wallet to a bank account, the transaction cost for cryptocurrencies is minimal to non-existent. There are no time restrictions on transactions, and both coin purchases and withdrawals are unlimited. This means that for a cryptocurrency, there is no bank, central bank or any agent that needs to be trusted to issue this money.

Those who don’t have access to, or perhaps don’t trust, the existing financial system can nonetheless benefit from some aspects of cryptocurrencies. One advantage of cryptocurrencies is that anyone can join outside of that system due to their decentralized and permission-less nature.

That’s why nowadays lot of brand new bitcoin projects that promote their activities through awesome engaging bitcoin videos emerge. Many cryptocurrency companies come up with their ideas and ask Explain Ninja for help to make them a reality in a format of animation design or other types of explanation crypto videos for their audiences depending on a particular project.

How Can Cryptocurrency Videos Help?

From a marketing perspective, video content is a means by which a brand can grab an audience’s attention, raise engagement and conversion metrics, and thereby increase product sales. It helps to understand complex blockchain phenomena deeper and put it in simple words for the average users or newcomers into the popular cryptocurrency realm.

One of the most popular explain formats today is a blockchain video. Most often they are ordered in order to present the product to the public within the framework of presentations, competitions, conferences, exhibitions and other events.  Users may watch videos for bitcoin at trainings or demo sessions, etc.

Awesome crypto animation organizes a large amount of information all-in-one. All the dates and topics of publications, abstracts, links to additional materials are presented in one space. A great explainer may even help to coordinate the actions of everyone involved in the company’s process – in a convenient format shows what needs to be done and when, etc.

You are free to apply the best blockchain videos for commercial purposes only. It’s common for a good advertising video, an artistic or animated video, to attract potential buyers (customers), initiate the sale of a product (service), and get the maximum profit out of the communication.

What Makes a Cryptocurrency Video Perfect?

What characterizes best bitcoin videos? A video can become fantastic by having a variety of qualities. They consist of 

  • information that is valuable,
  • they’re well-edited, 
  • relevant to the audience,
  •  and with a clear call to action. 

Videos that communicate to a specific audience are the most powerful.

The value of anything that can be traded, including all of the market’s digital currencies, is greatly influenced by supply and demand. For instance, bitcoins will increase if more individuals attempt to purchase them than are willing to sell them. Thus, a great bitcoin video will support the concept. It should make the project highly demanded and provide top services to viewers looking for great bitcoin products or services or need the data.

Here are 4 essential qualities you must master in order to create interesting and insightful video content for crypto.

  1. Structure

When considering the cool pictures and clever conversation in a fantastic video, structure is frequently forgotten, yet it is the most important component if you are trying to convert that crypto film into good results. 

To create a well-structured piece, apply appropriate technique. The technique of hierarchically breaking down videos into pieces and constructing their relationships is known as video content structuring (also known as video structuring, video structure analysis, or video segmentation). The duration, screenplay, content, format, sound, lighting, editing, and subtitles of the video are eight crucial components. When you make it animated, animation design is added.

2) Quality

It’s also crucial to look professional. Does the video have a hook, TV commercial-like sound, or does it seem like it was recorded on your phone? Does the camera move, adding dynamic and excitement to the footage, or does it remain stationary? Does it have images to make your message easier to understand? Any animated design? A few seconds are all it takes to judge a video negatively due of its poor audio or amateurish editing, etc.

Both objective (using mathematical models) and subjective methods can be used to assess video quality (by asking users for their rating). Moreover, the effectiveness of a video can be assessed in-service or offline (in a testing environment for new codecs or services) (to monitor and ensure a certain level of quality). So, you need to enhance the powerful video quality for your coin project and be able to assess it in order to improve.

3) Versatility

Adaptability is a good quality for any type of content. Why is the medium of video so adaptable? It works across a wide range of media.

Videos are effective in a variety of contexts, including your company website, online directories, social media platforms, trade fair screens, laptops and tablets used for sales presentations, video conference calls, and screens in waiting areas, etc.

You may adapt your visual story to any platform if it is clear and adaptable. It’s simple to reduce a two-minute YouTube video to 15 seconds for an Instagram story. It should be understandable without sound and flexible enough to work on every device, etc.

4) Positioning

The position your brand or product should have inside a specific target market is referred to as positioning. In order to achieve that positioning, the process of market positioning and brand positioning focuses more explicitly on how you advertise your brand or product to consumers via your video content.

You not only have to compete with the videos of your crypto rivals, but also with all the other available content on the web. Even if it may seem difficult, ask yourself, “What can I do to make this stand out?” What makes us special? Find out what works by looking at what others are doing too. And then come up with the ideas for your unique proposal.

The best Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Videos

Video explanations of bitcoin are a great approach to make it understandable because the phenomena of the industry are frequently so difficult to grasp.

It can be challenging to discover or produce a decent bitcoin video that strikes the right balance between being thorough enough to explain the finer elements and understandable to the average person.

We’ve created a list of the top cryptocurrency videos that are currently online as the best ones. We have a keen eye for these things because we work in the explainer video industry, and perhaps you do too.

You might be able to find something among these that will aid you in navigating the bitcoin world better. Or just watch videos for crypto for a great inspiration. Here we go.


 Viral is a new cryptocurrency project. Living on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), as a BEP-20 token, VRL is the lifeblood of the Viral platform’s economy. All payments are denominated in VRL, from deposits to withdrawals. The project needed a storyboard, illustrations, and a high-quality 2d-3d animation to create an incredible explainer video based on their activity, considering the specifics of the industry niche and the services provided. 


By offering the technology to convert the global centralized financial market into a decentralized finance framework, the on-going blockchain project known as Onomy Protocol aims to become a decentralized reserve bank.  Onomy has been featured on After Effects.


We’ve released an animated video made for the crypto native solution – the Armanino project. The explainer video for Armanino, one of the country’s top 25 accounting & consulting firms, was made to highlight the team’s extraordinary proficiency in animation and motion design. Armanino is the world leader in digital asset solutions and the go-to accounting and consulting firm for crypto-native companies.


The nearly psychedelic complexity of this Bloomberg offering’s vibrant icon-led animation is concealed by the fact that it is so straightforward and simple to understand. This video’s 60s-style graphics successfully make the subject of cryptocurrencies both attention-grabbing and serious by playing like something between Heinz Edelman’s Yellow Submarine and an educational film on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Guardian

This surprisingly old (2014) video by The Guardian, which combines live action, stop-motion animation, and hand-drawn animation, effectively follows the development of cryptocurrency in its infancy, before it had been complicated by ICOs or the current boom/bust environment in which it appears to operate.


The idea of “mining” is one of the most challenging parts of cryptocurrencies. Theoretically, understanding mining is crucial if you want to obtain a wide understanding of Bitcoin, but there isn’t much information accessible about how to really participate.

Kiwi New Energy FTEC Foundation

In contrast to most of the videos on our list, FTEC Foundation chose a traditional 2D animation that uses characters and symbols to explain cryptocurrencies as clearly as possible. The movie explains the FTEC Foundation, a company whose goal is to compile cryptocurrency resources into a single database and enable cryptocurrency trading across various networks.


Financiers regard the acquisition of cryptocurrencies as the riskiest and most lucrative kind of contemporary investment. Because of this, many cutting-edge enterprises now call for bitcoin movies for various uses, including promotion, trading, education, and more. We’ve produced some of award-winning videos from this collection of videos. Our clients knew the need to hook viewers in with appealing animation, a straightforward plot, an engaging voiceover, and enough detail to lead viewers to a convincing Call to Action at the end, all within a few minutes or even shorter.

We have also produced videos for many different businesses apart from crypto. You are in the right place in case you need to see more examples of fantastic explainer videos or create some for your crypto business.

What are you waiting for? Just leave us a note, we’ll respond faster than Flash would do!

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