Grain Financial Technology Animated Design Project Released

We have finished another tailor-made video project for Grain Finance Technology.  Explain Ninja are known as the leading video production maker specializing in creating awesome explainer videos for various industries. This time the world will see another financial project released.

Grain Financial Technology Animated Design Project Released 20
Grain project

Fintech is their niche, which is not surprising since Explain Ninja has been dealing with numerous financial technology cases along the way. Thus, their next animated design project was successfully accomplished for a currency solution called Grain.

About Grain

Grain is a dependable currency management partner that enables its clients to improve platforms with recurring features that shield them from currency fluctuations. It offers the only end-to-end embedded cross solution that allows software platforms and marketplaces to eliminate FX risk for their customers, bringing a fully automated FX hedging solution that is unmatched by the rivals to clients’ sites.

Our goal was to create an explainer video to explain to the target audience how the Grain project/solution solves their problems, demonstrate the benefits and the UPSs of the product, and encourage the viewers to take action.’ – admits the team.

Grain Financial Technology Animated Design Project Released 21
Grain animation

To produce a quality video solution for Grain’s unique platform that proactively and continually identifies top usage benefits and other product aspects, the team managed to come up with fresh visuals, and created storyboards, animation design, sound design, and style frames for the video.

Grain Financial Technology Animated Design Project Released 22
Grain style frames  

With numerous successful projects in fintech, crypto, blockchain, and many other financial and non-financial industries, Explain Ninja has become one of the most reputable and trusted teams in the animated design industry. Explain Ninja continues to be the most talented member of the elite animation studios in Poland and abroad.

Grain Financial Technology Animated Design Project Released 23
Project sketching

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It has become one of Poland’s most reputable and authoritative animation studios over the years. Since 2013, numerous projects have been successfully delivered for over 200 businesses worldwide, including SwissFinLab, Kidkin, Vishay, Nexus, Codio, Pipedrive, Huawei, Google, Atlassian, and many others.

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