Explain Ninja Releases Another Motion Design Project

The award-winning Fireart Studio subsidiary has released another tailor-made video explainer for Veriti.  Explain Ninja  are well known as the leading video production maker specializing in creating awesome explainer videos for various industries.

Explain Ninja Releases Another Motion Design Project 20
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About Veriti

The Veriti platform allows you to take your security posture up a notch and automatically adjust your security stack to your threat landscape for maximum efficacy to ensure cyber-resiliency and business uptime.

Veriti connects with every layer of security, actively identifying and fixing security flaws. The platform creators think that controlling enterprise security posture holistically is crucial for maximizing security, the return on investment of the implemented solutions, and business uptime.

 ‘By unifying all security solutions under one posture management platform, Veriti enables security teams to focus on tasks that require discretion while automating repetitive, tedious tasks.’ – runs Veriti

Explain Ninja Releases Another Motion Design Project 21
Amazing storyboards

To produce a quality video solution for Veriti’s unique platform that proactively and continually identifies and remediates security gaps and misconfigurations across the entire infrastructure while ensuring business uptime, the team managed to organize a video production process from storyboarding, style framing to incredible animation design that merged into a compelling storyline.

The team also covered preliminary project research and scriptwriting, prepared illustrations, and made a voiceover with the sound design.

Veriti animation

Outgrown to be one of the most reputable and trusted teams in the animated design realm, Explain Ninja remains the most talented among the top-notch animation studios in Poland and overseas, with many successful projects in cybersecurity, fintech, crypto/blockchain, and many other industries.

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The award-winning animation production motion graphics video agency from Warsaw has grown into one of the most trusted and authoritative animation studios in Poland over the years and delivers a full spectrum of animated video production services that cover project research, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustrations, animation, voiceover, and sound design. Explain Ninja is focused on creating 2D and 3D animation videos for various purposes, including marketing, education, promotion, advertising, entertainment, training, cybersecurity, etc. Multiple projects for over 200 companies worldwide, including SwissFinLab, Kidkin, Vishay, Nexus, Codio, Pipedrive, Huawei, Google, Atlassian, and many others, have been successfully delivered since 2013 by the motion graphics agency.

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