5 Amazing Product Animated Demo Videos To Inspire You in 2023

Do you believe in your product? Are you sure that it can help people, make their lives easier, and contribute to the exciting process of global digital transformation? Then, you would probably like to make this engagement contagious to a broader audience. What if I’d say that is possible?

Why animated demos?

An animated demo video is an excellent way to introduce your product to the world. It can be entertaining, intriguing, lovely, and bold. You can implement your most surprising ideas and incredible concepts in one cool animation that can conquer the hearts of your future customers. The animation allows you to zoom in on your product details quickly, show it in the most illogical yet funny contexts, and add interesting visual effects that emphasize your product’s character and mood. When producing an animated demo video, your imagination can fly high.

Demo videos may provide a means for your business to explain the features and benefits of your product in a way that doesn’t explicitly feel like selling. Throughout the demo, you may show what makes your product really unique without going into the details. You are also able to showcase why specific features have been included into your product and how these simplify the process of solving your customer’s problems.

Let’s see how the most prominent brands and world-famous unicorns have implemented it in their product demos.


Do you remember good old Pipedrive? It is a cloud-based sales software company and a renowned CRM tool. In collaboration with the creative studio Explain Ninja, it has produced an ever-engaging product demo showcasing the features of their software.

The characters and the overall style of the animation created by Explain Ninja look humoristic, lovely, and very charismatic. They catch an eye and highlight the brand’s positive mood and image. This animation is simple and engaging at the same time. All the brand concepts are displayed in a very straightforward way and are easy to digest.

We also like that the video is created in brand colors that emphasize brand value and help grow brand awareness. All in all, these cartoony pals with green hair (that are Pipedrive’s employees according to the scenario) look really cool.


This video has literally won my heart. Honestly, it seems to be one of those lovely masterpieces that make a smile arise on your mouth even on one of the darkest days. This animation is saturated with dynamics, movement, and dance. It hints at the atmosphere conveyed in the movie “The Great Gatsby.” The rhythm of animated elements mixed with the brand’s motos catch your attention and make your head slightly shaking together with music.

That’s what I understand under a product teaser that is very likely to drive great customer engagement. I particularly like the main character – the drummer. This animated musician makes up the mood of this video from the beginning.


Haven’t yet heard about Headspace? It is an English-American online healthcare company, specializing in meditation. They aren’t probably the first to show a meditation as such a fun and peaceful process but are likely the most prominent ones. These guys have created a product demo video that promotes their app in a very creative way.

You can see a lot of cute characters in this video. They look neither as people nor as animals, most likely, they are aliens. Anyway, they catch your eye with their friendly look and relaxed yet rhythmical body movements. They seem to dance throughout the whole video emphasizing the positive effect of the Headspace meditation app. The app creators encourage us to live a healthier, happier, more well-rested life in just a few minutes a day with Headspace. Haven’t tried it yet? Me too.

Western Union

Western Union. It seems that everyone is familiar with this American worldwide financial services and communications company. They have also decided to produce an animated explanatory video for their service. It looks somewhat old-school but still very informative and engaging. The retro-style even adds a feeling of authoritativeness and trustworthiness of this service provider.

The animation looks very simple. The characters’ body movements are straightforward too and, likely, performed in the 2D space. Despite its simplicity, the video is listed here as one of the best product demos because it has a very concise and well-structured information architecture and a lot of almost invisible details making this video very dynamic-looking and engaging. Just look at the simultaneous shakes of the characters’ bodies, their phones, and notifications sent by Western Union – they seem to be a holistic rhythmical system.

Western Union shows us that true art doesn’t need a lot of decorations to show its essence and power. Sometimes, you need just a big idea and its simple visual interpretation to tell a great story.


Have you ever thought that there millions of germs on your mobile phone? There are, maybe, even more. PhoneSoap is a great solution for people who care about the cleanliness of their phones. Don’t worry, PhoneSoap doesn’t need you to wash your phone under the water. It is the first and only charger that uses UV light to disinfect your phone.

This brand has recently created an animated video to introduce this innovative solution to phone owners around the world. Almost the entire video is performed in the whiteboard manner, although some of the parts look more like a colorful cartoon. After watching this video, I have really started thinking about how many germs are around us. These germs and bacteria in this video look fun and disgusting at the same time. And yes, these bright characters do make you think about their not very positive influence on your health.

Produce Your Own Cool Product Demo!

Here we have collected these five incredible and memorable animated product demos to inspire you to experiment with animation in 2023 too. Hopefully, this humble collection of masterful animations will help you generate a brilliant idea for your future product demo and give you some hints at how other businesses use animation to engage their audiences.

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